Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow In The Forecast Today...

Knowing that snow is in the forecast for our area of the country, I decided that I would share my "snowman collection" with all of you. Now, I must tell you that what I am sharing is only a small part of my collection that has been accumulating over many years. This first adorable snowman was made by a group of women at the school that our daughters attended. Each year the school would create an amazing" Christmas Gift Shop" for the school and the community. I learned so much from working with such a big group of very talented women. Every winter when I lift this little guy, with his earmuffs out of the box, I remember back to those busy days.

This snowman lamp sits in my kitchen and adds a soft glow to the corner. It will remain there until spring appears.

Here is another one of our gift shop creations. He started out as a tiny clay pot that was painted white. He carries with him many memories also. He always makes me smile.

This glittery blue snowman was a gift from my mother. She found him in a gift shop and knew that I would like him for my collection. What is it about my personality that makes me enjoy collecting things. I only have three collections which was sort of planned on my part, since I do have three daughters, who will each receive one of the collections, someday. Oh, in case you would like to know what my other two collections are, stay tuned. They will appear someday in the future on this blog.

Some of these snowmen were created in the gift shop and some were gifts.

One of my artistic friends who can take a paint brush to any piece of wood and have it turn out to look" life like", built this birdhouse and painted it with a snowman. I purchased it at our Christmas gift shop, and I think of her everytime I see it. I also have another bird house that she painted with a chickadee on it, and a painted wooden box and a gorgeous wooden serving tray. I have not seen her for a long time but, I sure hope that she is continuing to use her artistic gift of painting real life scenes.
Another one of my gifted friends took a mayo jar and added her skill in painting, to create this uniquely feminine snowman votive candle holder for me. She is one of the few people that I know personally, who can bring beauty to an old jar. This piece reminds me of her each year. I find it endearing that she added a cup of coffee in the snowman's one hand and a muffin the other...two of my favorite things.

For some reason, this guy stole my heart while sitting on the shelf of a specialty shop, during an after Christmas sale. I liked his wooden spool legs and his overstuffed, flluffy body.

This snowman with the warm glow to him, will sit on my kitchen island for the next few months. When I come out in the morning to get my coffee, he is always there to greet me, with his wishes of "joy" for the day. Yes, this one does look a bit like Christmas, but I do like his pressence during the cold, snowy months ahead. I am sure that all of you have much more to to today, than look at my silly little collection. But, I want to thank you for the privilege of sharing a few of the pieces with you today.


LisaShaw said...

How adorable! My favorite is the second to last one with his legs crossed. Looks like me during some of my "don't let the public see me" moments (smile).

Elizabeth said...

Hi Judy! Thanks for visiting. Hopefully I'll get the hang of posting soon and figure out how to arrange my pictures. I'll be stopping by your blog often as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, It was so much fun seeing your snowmen collection. I started one a few years ago too. I never liked the feeling of the house when it was stripped bear of all of it's Christmas decorations so I started leaving some of my snowmen up. Well one thing led to another.... Your collection is so cute. Thank you for sharing.

Shelley said...

I really love that snowman lamp and the snowman birdhouse - so cute!! You have a nice collection.

Tracy said...

Loved seeing your snowman collection! (I collect them as well!) You have some sweet ones...especially those with such great memories attached. They're so cheerful and charming. = )

Elizabeth said...

I love snowmen! Not too crazy about snow, but I love my snowmen! Yours are adorable. My collection started several years ago when my youngest son and I were shopping at a Hallmark store. We found the most adorable snowman cookie jar on sale and just couldn't leave him there. Then we noticed a shelf full of snowmen. The Mitford Snowmen. Have you heard of that collection? We bought a couple that year and a few more the next and before you knew it we had them all. They are from the Jan Karon Mitford series books. The books are just as delightful as the snowmen. The mayo jar votive is a clever idea. I might have to try making some of those.


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