Monday, January 5, 2009

A Memorable Saturday Evening

Saturday evening was truly a special occasion for my husband and me. The invitation called it an "after Christmas open house". Walking up to the front door of our long time friend's home, we realized very quickly the warmth and hospitality that greeted us, would set the tone for the rest of the evening. Little bags with sand and votive candles lined the sidewalk into the house. Tiny white lights were everywhere. An old chalkboard had a welcome message on it, for everyone. Greeting the guests at the door were the cordial host and hostess.

The dining room table was filled with a beautiful array of food including labels for each dish. Food preparation is something that seems to come naturally for this hostess. She grew up in a home with an open door policy. From stories told, there was always room for an extra plate or two at the table in her parent's home.

This tray of mini brownie muffins looked so inviting. How creative to add whipped cream and top with blueberries and raspberries. It was a temptation to pull up chairs to the buffet table, with so many delicious looking goodies. We proceeded to the lower level of their home where we were greeted by many friends from our past. Catching up with old friends in a warm, festive atmosphere, was a fun way to spend a Saturday evening.

The centerpiece on the dining room table was uniquely and exquisitely done. It was a memorable evening for both of us, and served to remind us of the blessings of friendships...both old and new.


Jul Hoober said...

Oh my word,
The delight was ours to have you here. Here's to a wonderful start to the new year. I am so blessed to call you friend.
love, jul

LisaShaw said...

What precious and special friends you have Judy and rightfully so because YOU are so precious.

Everything looks delicious. You can see the care of her heart in her presentation. Beautiful.

Auntie S said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
Great job.


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