Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To those of you who just happened to read my first blog yesterday, and saw the pictures that my Uncle captured so beautifully. 
Well...obviously, I am not a true "bird watcher", because today I was corrected. 
The "Eagles" that I so confidently expounded on, were not eagles at all.  They were "Ospreys".
No wonder one of the blogger comments stated that she was going to investigate as to what species of Eagles they were. 




Eagles.  The quality of my Uncle's pictures is not good, but he said it was as close as he could get.
Can you believe, he has Osprey and Eagle pictures in his collection.


My Aunt called me today to oh-so-kindly tell me of my blunder.  Okay, at least I didn't call them (the Ospreys) chickens:)  I am sure many of you out there were scratching your heads when you read my post yesterday.  Either that, or you just felt sorry for me.

Maybe I should take my turn working in the fields instead of blogging.  I bet this young man would have known the difference.

Whatever you all do, please do not tell this to my "bird-watching" mother.


Happy@Home said...

You have me giggling over here, Judy. That first picture is hilarious.
You could have fooled me... it looks like an eagle.
Either way the photos are impressive and I quite enjoyed your sense of humor this afternoon.

Christine said...

You gave me a chuckle.
I would of done the same thing or worse.
But what a wonderful scene, Osprey and Eagles.

Kris said...

Woopsie! Oh well, great photos!!!

lindsey said...

I believed you and would have been none the wiser unless you had said....ospreys...eagles...either way pretty amazing!

Judy said...

Oh...that's funny. Though they never looked like the eagles we see in our part of the world, I never doubted that they were some variety of eagle. Now I know what an osprey looks like!

My brother would never comment on my blog, but once sent me an e-mail to correct me when I identified an animal incorrectly.

Anneliese said...

this makes me smile! One...it sounds like a mistake I could have made and have made similar ones and two... I love the pictures of the area where you live.


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