Saturday, July 28, 2012

When we stopped at the small Village Market, I could feel my tastebuds already salivating.  Sitting at a picnic table  under the front porch was a middle aged lady.  She had a box of peaches on one side of her, and a huge bowl of sliced peaches on the other.  I asked what she planned on doing with the peaches and was told they were used to make fresh peach pies. 
Hence,  my purchased peach pie.  I can guarantee you that it tastes as good as it looks.  My memory of it from previous summers serves me well.
Tonight I am going to an event that requires I bring a dessert.  I think the people there will benefit from my purchase at the Village Market.

By the way, the event tonight is my 40th Class Reunion.  That just sounds so old to me.  Perhaps Geritol would be more appropriate than peach pie!

The market contains one fairly large room.  The cooks and bakers employed here are the best.  The displays are so beautifully and artistically done.  Freshness reigns.  Baskets for sale, hang down from the wooden beams, of the one time barn.

So much produce, in so little space, and yet it is most tastefully displayed.  It just reminds me of an artist's palette, with the many colors, shapes, and textures.

One of my very favorite aspects of this thriving business, is the freely offered samples of their homemade foods.  Everywhere one looks are neat, clean, covered containers of samples.  What a great idea!  You buy.  The concept is brilliant!  No wonder the parking lot is always full, and one ususually waits in line at the single cash register by the front door.  Not to mention, that everything I purchase here, is delicious!  Seems to me, that farm girls sure do know how to cook and bake.

Oh, think if my grandchildren had been with me this morning, and would have discovered this jackpot.  Can't imagine how excited they would have been!  Free gifts offered just for stopping by this market. 

And, if all the above was not enough to wow me, an attractively displayed coffee bar puts me over the top.  Whatever one would want in the coffee realm was available.  The prices were so good I could not pass up a coffee opportunity.

I like seeing small businesses thrive.  I like seeing people who take their ideas, venture out, and become successful.   The welcome one receives,  the eyecandy one takes in, and the scrumptious aromas one breathes in,  makes any stop here a fun treat.

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend, and that you have an opportunity to taste some fresh peaches.


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

No words needed in this post... Heavenly pie and sweet country store filled with summers bounty!

lindsey said...

What an amazing market!! and that pie....I could eat one of those right now :)

debi said...

The produce looked amazing!


Judy said...

I loved your tour of the farm market! I'm thinking we made need a fresh peach pie over the near future.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Judy!

Sorry it has been awhile since I've visited --it has been a very busy spring/summer between my duaghter's wedding, helping her move into her new home in Colorado, and so on.

This market looks so pretty and well stocked. I'm sure that peach pie was amazing!

Love Being A Nonny said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog! Wanted to mention: That's not my porch with the outdoor fireplace...that is my DREAM porch!!! I love it too!

Love the pics in this post!!!

corners of my life said...

Our weekly village market is nothing like this. You are SO lucky.

Kathleen said...

Oh how I wish we had something comparable here. Then again, I'd weight 20+ additional pounds. I never could pass up a peach pie.

I'm curious how your 40th reunion went? I've no doubt ou had a blast. At our 20th, the girls looked great & the guys ... not so much. It was totally opposite at the 40th :)

Anneliese said...

That peach pie makes me want to go and get peaches and get a pastry going! And I was wondering what I'd do next??? =)


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