Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The farmer's markets in our county do a good job of awakening the senses every summer.
Right up the street to the right is a big family run operation.
The many children of the family help their parents on the farm and at the roadside stand.
For us, it is like having our own farmer's market in the neighborhood, and we take full advantage of the treasures sold there.
It is our version of a backyard garden.

Fresh tomatoes.  Last night my husband said, "he prefers these over candy anyday."

Sweet, seedless watermelon, ripe, big blueberries, and lots of delicious cantelope.  Last evening I decided to pull out my melon baller and make watermelon and cantelope balls, just like I used to do when helping my mother in the kitchen.  For her dinner parties years ago, she would always want the fruit cut up in this manner.  It did bring back memories as I stood at my kitchen counter scooping out each little ball of fruit.  With my handy gadget, it does not take a long time to complete the job.   I set these little dishes of fruit in my refrigerator, providing special fruit treats for the little guys staying with me today.

The vibrant colors and succulent flavors of these locally grown fruits, add so much to the summer season.

From my flower garden...roses and daisies.  I just had to feel like I contributed a bit to the beauty of it all.   Fresh fruit and flowers, a perfect combination.

With all our grandchildren,  plump red grapes seem to be one of thier favorites.  They are in abundant supply now and taste sweeter than ever.

Simple ways to remind me of the beauty in each day, and not to let summer pass by without taking notice of these little miracles of nature.

Thank you for stopping by tonight.  I do hope you have opportunity to sit down to a yummy bowl of fresh from the garden fruits or vegtables.



Kris said...

My garden is giving us lovely, plump tomatoes!!! And before the heat really zaps them all, I still have some pretty flowers. Our family loves the red seedless grapes too. They have been a summer favorite!!!
XO Kris

Tracy said...

Hello sweet friend! Just stopped by for a bit of "catch up!" Love your new look! These photos of all that delicious fruit look fantastic! There is truly nothing like fresh fruits, veggies and flowers from the garden. I especially like your fun way of serving the fruit.= )

lindsey said...

Oh my goodness...your blog post awakened my senses!! I love farmers markets too but I dont think ours are as good as yours.

corners of my life said...

Such lovely photos of your market buys.

Judy said...

Summertime and the delights of the season are the best! We enjoy fresh peppers, cuc's and tomatoes from a nearby country stand throughout the summer. So good!

I pulled out my melon baller to make fruit skewers just yesterday.

Kathleen said...

"Awakening the senses ...". That ought to be the subtitle on your blog!

I've never seen fruit posed so photogenically. Fabulous!

Happy@Home said...

How nice to have a farmer's market so close to your home. Nothing can compare to freshly picked fruits and vegetables.
You prepared the fruit in such an attractive manner. I do believe you could make anbody into a fruit lover! Those little toothpicks are so pretty. Of course, your flowers are the perfect touch.


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