Saturday, May 1, 2010

My mother's favorite flower, with it's tiny white fragrant flowers, grows so perfectly in the flowerbed outside our back door. Everytime I see them, or smell the wonderful aroma of "Lily- of- the- Valley", I am reminded of her. Yesterday, I found these blooming in our back flower bed, because she had loving planted them. What exquisite beauty exists in each tiny flower.

My recycled front door basket. I took this basket that has graced my front door for the last two summers, and tore out the old and faded faux flowers, except for the white petunias. They still looked good, and of course had not faded. I picked up the rest of the faux flowers at KMart, believe it or not. I choose different color schemes for the front of my home each summer. Then I coordinate the flowers that I plant in my three big pots, with the front door arrangement. This year my color scheme is, yellow, white and a touch of blue. I will show you my planted pots in another post. Thought that you might like to see my "new" front door basket, that will welcome my family and friends this summer. I needed quite a few flowers in it, so that one could see it from the road. It is certainly not professionally done, but I smile to think that KMart helped me out so inexpensively, and it is most important that my front door says "welcome" to all who visit it.

And, I wanted to share the lovely watering can of flowers that would greet you at my back door, thanks to my dear sister. She gave this to me for my birthday a few weeks ago. It must be the perfect spot for it, because it is filled with blossoms. I think of her each time I water it. What a special gift! These two little pajama clad girls, tried to pose for this picture to appease their mamaw, but due to the bright morning sun shining in their eyes, they would not look at my camera.

Appreciate The Beauty and Wonder

"I find each day too short for all the thoughts that I want to think, all the walks that I want to take, all the books that I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. The longer I live, the more my mind dwells upon the beauty, and the wonder of the world."(and the One who so lovingly created it all for me to enjoy).

~John Burroughs


Miss Debbie said...

Hi Judy! Thanks for dropping by my place and for the sweet comment. I love your door cheerful! I had a grapevine wreath on my door for years that I changed with the seasons. I took it down a couple of years ago to "redo" and somehow it never made it back to the door. I think maybe I have a project for this week! Don't you just love "pajama clad cuties"... I have three and I love snuggling with them in their pjs when they come to visit. Hope your weekend is blessed!

LisaShaw said...

Of course your grand babies are BEAUTIFUL and it's a treat watching them grow.

Love the beautiful arrangements. I seem to only put up one during Christmas. Perhaps I'll do one for the Summer. Your words of having something to make others feel welcome is so true.

Love and hugs!

Judy said...

Lily-of-the-valley always remind me of my mother as well...they were her wedding flowers in May of 1948. I think I wilkl plant some in my garden in memory of her.

What a great idea to co-ordinate your front door arrangement with your planters. It's all looking good over there...especailly your two little munchkins!

Happy@Home said...

Your little pajama clad girls look so sweet on the bench next to the watering can. What a nice gift from your sister and a lovely way to say welcome at your back door.
I think you have done a beautiful job on your front door basket too. The colors are so pretty together.
When I saw your lilies of the valley I wished that I could smell them too. I just love their scent and think they are such sweet little flowers.

Crickit said...

What beautiful flowers! The arrangement on your front door looks very welcoming. The quote you used here is wonderful also... I also wish for more time to do some of my favorite things and I definately stop and take the time to see the beauty God has created in this world.
Thanks again for sharing....

Janean said...

lily of the valley is my birth flower and we finally had a patch of them by our home. the fragrance is amazing!!!!

beautiful post.

Melinda said...

Love the flowers and your basket
looks great. Good ol' K-Mart.
Those two in their jammies are soooooooo cute.

Have a great day.


Stacey said...

Your porch is very welcoming Judy. I'm sure that people know they are welcomed in your home. You have such a gracious way about you.

Marty said...

Lily of the valley has long been my most favorite - something about each little bell hanging from its own little stem.... I remember as a young child taking little bunches of them to school on the bus to give to my teacher each spring.

Tracy said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! Love your welcoming front door arrangement! The colors are perfect!

I've never planted lily-of-the-valley, but what a gorgeous, delicate little flower! Might have to see if I can incorporate those somewhere this year. How precious of your Mom to do that, and how beautiful they serve as a reminder to you of her.

Love the photo of your grandgirls in their sweet pjs, with the sun shining in their eyes. Soooo very sweet!

What a great quote you shared -- couldn't agree more! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! = )

Mike said...

Good afternoon Judy, I love your color scheme of red, white, and blue. I have always kept a wreath on my door but I really like your idea of a basket. You have a knack for making arrangements of anything you do look very beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Judy, you should plan for a steady stream of visitors who are drawn by the cheery flowers hanging on your door.

The back yard pajama clad cuties are so adorable too; would you consider making life size cardboard cut outs for other people to use in their gardens?

Shelley said...

Your front door flower arrangement is very welcoming! And the photo fo your 2 little ones on the bench looks like it should be in a magazine - lovely shot! I kind of like that they are not looking at the camera- looks like a captured real moment in time - precious!
Hugs to you,

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a beautiful basket...think I am going to make one tomnorrow.

Sunday evening blog hopping.....
Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on late tonight.....
Hope you will stop by.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such a warm, welcoming front door! The basket of flowers are so pretty but not quite as sweet as the dear little ones in their jammies! That shot made me smile.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My daughter's favorite flower is Lily of the Valley! It has such a delicate scent.

Your flower arrangements are both very colorful and cheerful, Judy. Your little grand daughters are the sweetest flowers of all!

I love the John Burroughs quote! So true.
♥ Pat


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