Saturday, May 8, 2010

The first Iris to open in my flower bed.
These Iris remind me of one of my dear friends. She dug up some of her
Iris bulbs for me, after an evening visit in her home. That was several
years ago. Each Spring as they multiply and bloom...

...they remind me of her and her gardens extrordinaire.

My first Peony, which grew from two bags of bulbs which I purchased
on a clearance rack outside of a Kmart store, years ago. They continue to produce
many beautiful blooms.

My first of many, Knockout roses. Oh, the happiness that each soft pink rose brings to me.

Speaking of happiness...this new product of body wash, was the editor's pick in the new Instyle magazine, for the category of creams, cleansers and scrubs.
It is The Nivea "Touch of Happiness" body wash in Orange blossom.
It smells amazing and has a rich, creamy lather, which can refresh your skin and your mood when you shower with it.

So...just in case you need a simple Mother's day gift for someone, and it happens to be could go to your local drug store, buy this product and a green exfolliating green mesh sponge.
Hang the sponge on the back of the body wash container, add a bright colored ribbon and a sweet note, thanking them for the touches of happiness that they add to your life. An instant fun, inexpensive gift.
Maybe, you could give this to someone who recently(or not so recently), lost their mother.
I am sure this special day would be a painful one for them, with reminders everywhere of our mothers.

In the same Instyle magazine, that I picked up to read while waiting for an appointment, I saw in the favorite shampoos and conditioners section of the yearly
"150 best beauty buys", this new shampoo by Garnier Fructis Co.
This body boost shampoo is great. I bought it and have been using it. It really does give hair a body boost. I agreed with their evaluation of this product, along with the
Tresemme' 24 hour Body Root Boosting Spray that also made the list. It really did help give body to my hair when I used both of these new found products.
When products are tested by many and the top choices make the list, I find them worth trying.
Both of these products can be found at your local drug stores and in some cases, grocery stores.
I tell you this, just in case you want to put together another simple gift basket for
Mother's day... this one that I did. An old glass dish from the flea market, the before mentioned shampoo, the 24 body root, and a bar of soap in the flowered book container(a purchase from Marshall's).
Complete the gift with a ribbon and a stamped card. Cover with clear cellophane, and you have another useful and fun gift.

"Being a woman created by God is such a privilege~and the gift of our femininty is something we can give both to ourselves and to the people around us. Just one flower, one candle, can warm up a cold, no-nonsense atmosphere with an aura of "I care".
~Emily Barnes
However you choose to do it, it is most important that we let others know,
that we do "care".


Rach said...

When flowers bloom it's always exciting. I'm still waiting for mine.

What a sweet gift basket!

Susan said...

Thank you for your inspiring ideas! I REALLY love the Touch of Happiness gift idea. It would be a wonderful gift for any occasion! Your flowers are beautiful and I appreciate your quote by Emily Barnes. Wishing you a delightful Mother's Day!

Joy said...

What great gift ideas! It's great to see ways to give inexpensive but tasteful gifts. My mom has been hospitalized for the past 6 months, so this will be a very different mother's day.

Kathleen said...

"... the gift of femininity ...". I like that. It truly is a gift, isn't it?

You not only capture that here, Judy, but you exemplify it too. What a lovely gift you are!

Happy Mother's Day,

LisaShaw said...

My precious online friend Judy,

You always bless my heart. What beautiful flowers!!!

I am going to have to try that Body Wash. I just recently purchased one that I really like a lot. I can't remember the name, I'm sitting out back in the beautiful sun and breeze with hubby and so I really don't want to get up and go back inside to find out the name (SMILE) but would gladly share it with you later.

I think the Body Wash is a wonderful gift idea with the bath/body sponge. I've used that gift idea many times while adding an assortments of things to the gifts of other bath products and it's a nice gift.

You always touch and inspire us Judy. You always make me "love on my family and others" even more with the generosity and care I see in you and I MEAN THAT. I've often showed your blog to hubby, who is looking over my shoulder at it right now (smile).

Love you! HAPPY MOTHER'S day to you! I know it will be as SPECIAL as you are!

Happy@Home said...

After spending several hours working in my garden today, it was such a treat to take a break and read your lovely post. I was captivated by the beautiful iris in your first photo. Lovely colors and they must be extra special because they came from a friend. They really look pretty with the white picket fence in the background.
The gift you put together for a lucky mother is so well thought out. What mother wouldn't love to receive it. The presentation is exquisite. You continually bless us with your wonderful gift ideas.

Wishing you a relaxing and special Mother's Day, Judy.

Stacey said...

Your flowers are beauties!I just planted my first peony bushes. I'm sure they won't bloom until next year but we are looking forward to it.

Great gift ideas again! I finally started a Gift File in my Favorites. You are in there several times!

Judy said...

Lovely blooms...great gift-giving ideas...and an inspiration to show others that we care! Thanks again, Judy...and have a wonderful MOther's Day!

I wrote down the name of the body wash...I can almost smell it!

Melinda said...

Your flowers are pretty!
These are great ideas for Mom's too.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Jeane` said...

What a PEFECT MD gift for a busy 32 yr old mom of 5 with brown limp hair, flaky dry, unhappy skin
and a few chin hairs that popped out under the radar! It's just too bad that you don't really know anyone with those specifications....

Miss Debbie said...

You are so creative and thoughtful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. Hope your Mother's Day is blessed.... as you have blessed so many others!


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