Monday, May 3, 2010

Last evening we hosted a dinner for a group of our good friends. A few years ago, we all got together when our children attended the same school. The evening turned out to be so much fun, despite the fact that it was the first time that we had visited together as a group that we decided to do it again. It has been a few years since that time, and we try to get together a few times a year.
Last evening we were eager to welcome them to our home. Hesitantly, I will share a few,aspects of the dinner, only because I have enjoyed seeing the many different tablescapes that you all shared in blogland.

Seating 12 adults at my dining room table is not the most comfortable route to go, but since we all like each other and it was my only option, we made due.
The plates are from the Jaclyn Smith Collection at KMart.
The flowers for the centerpiece and favors are from the Spirea bushes that grow along our driveway.
The centerpiece container is one I featured last Spring on this blog, where I purchased a clear glass bowl and a goblet from the Dollar Tree and glued the goblet bottom onto the glass bowl bottom. I then filled the bowl with water and the flowers, added a candle in the goblet, and my centerpiece was complete.
This week, my soft pink peonies will be blooming. They will look so nice arranged in this glass bowl too.

Simple glass vases with the flowers were the favors of the evening, along with name cards created with folded index cards, an ink stamp and some touches of glitter. I am not sure that Martha would be impressed with my style, but that is okay with me.

An upclose photo of the Spirea flowers in the centerpiece.

As always, candlelight was included in my evening. I think candles add a warmth and a coziness to evening visits. This is my kitchen table centerpiece.

For the dessert, I filled crystal parfait dishes with scoops of vanilla ice cream, covered them and put them back in the freezer, until time for dessert. Before serving, I added my frozen fresh peach puree' from last summer, a dab of whipped cream, and stuck a viola with stem through the hole of a chocolate covered pretzel. A delicious and simple dessert.

This bouquet of beautiful pink flowers was a thoughtful gift from my sister. She made the gift even better by getting a vase from my cupboard and arranging the flowers for me. They look so nice of my kitchen island.

The vibrant pink Ranunculis make a striking arrangement.

Another friend brought me a gorgeous pink special kind of geranium. I look forward to planting this outside in my flower bed.

It was a great evening, with lots of discussions, some serious and some light hearted, and lots of laughter.
I appreciate your visit to my blog this evening, and every time you drop by.
~some of the photographs were captured by my sister.


Stacey said...

Judy, your table is so pretty. I just love the white plates! You were so smart to get spirea cuttings. Very pretty!

Happy@Home said...

What a special evening you created for your friends, Judy. The table looks so elegant. Every time I visit your blog I am amazed at the creative ideas you come up with. This time your centerpiece is particularly grabbing my attention. It is just beautiful. While I grow spirea, I don't think I have ever cut them to bring in the house. Now that I've seen the magic you worked with them, I will have to cut some to bring in. I'm also going back to look for your instructions on making the centerpiece.
Thanks once again for sharing your neverending creativity and talents with us.

lindsey said...

It looks and sounds like you had a great evening, it is so good to get together with 'old' friends. Tha table looks amazing, every little detail, flowers place settings, name cards (who cares what Martha thinks...I'm impressed!) You are a wonderful host and I am sure your friends are truly blessed. Have a great week!

lindsey said...

It looks and sounds like you had a fantastic evening. It is so good to get together with 'old' friends. Tha table looks amazing, the flowers, table settings, name cards (who cares what Martha thinks, I am impressed!) You are a wonderful host and I am sure your friends are truly blessed. Have a great week!

Debbie said...

You did a beautiful job with your table. I'll bet it was appreciated by your guests.

Jeane` said...

Beautiful table mom! I only wish you were able to record the laughter and we could hear a variety of guffaws!

Kathleen said...

Girl, I swear (rarely) EVERY gathering at your house is an experience in creativity & charm!

Likely your guests know you well enough to have not been surprised by your penchant for the pretty; but I'll tell you what, I'd have been gawking all night in an attempt to remember "how to" do the same thing.

What a precious ministry gift the Lord has granted you. Mmmm ... now that's got me thinkin': I'll wager (more rarely) you spearhead the table settings/decor for the amazing banquet we'll all one day share in His presence!


P.S. My security word here is (honestly), "livat". I think the Lord wants me to live at your house!?!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

BEAUTIFUL table. My mom says the food taste better when it is presented nicely!

I love the simple, yet elegant dessert idea!

Judy said...

It all looks most special! I remember your table centerpiece from last year...and planned to borrow your idea...and then forgot. I'm so glad you reminded's a wonderful idea...and so pretty with the spirea.

Hospitality is about taking people into your heart and home...and blessing them. I think you do that well!

Janean said...

how wonderful that you made the dinner special and went all out. friends appreciate that. those flowers - wow!

Rach said...

So pretty. The ice cream sounds so yummy. Pretty presentation too!

Tracy said...

Love your photos of your beautiful table. Loved all your special, decorative touches. That dessert is especially LOVELY! It truly must be a special treat to be invited to have dinner in your home. Glad it was such a wonderful time for catching up with dear friends.


Crickit said...

The table looks beautiful! I am sure your guests enjoyed eating in such a quaint environment. I also really like your dessert idea.. it almost looks to "pretty" to eat.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Judy

Your table looked so elegant and welcoming. I'm sure your guests were happy to be able to dine together with you and your husband and share some friendly conversation and laughter.

I would love some of your dessert right now is hot and humid here today!

Marilou said...

WELL!! I can tell you all that it truly WAS a fabulous evening, one that will not be quickly forgotten! :) I am just sorry you all can't experience Judy's hospitality first-hand...she makes you feel like queen for a day! :)

Melanie said...

It is all so very lovely! The dessert with your peach puree made my mouth water...I'm sure it was simply delicious.

Miss Debbie said...

What a beautiful table! You certainly have the gift of hospitality. How welcomed and blessed your friends must have been!

ajwatson722 said...

Hi Mom!

What a beautiful dinner! You have everything looking so warm and inviting! And I'm sure the food tasted amazing!!! I wish I could stop by for leftovers!

I'm glad you have such wonderful friends to spend an evening with! Love you!

Melinda said...

Looks FAB!


Anonymous said...

Judy your tablescape is lovely ♥ I love candle light too and I use it even if I'm serving lunch although I don't know if that is considered appropriate or not. Flowers always add that special touch to any tablescape. Yours are just beautiful. What a fun evening all of you must have had. There is nothing like getting together with friends ♥

SeaWorthy said...

You always have the best dinner parties! I wish I could have been there, its just beautiful..
thanks so much for you friendship, Judy..your the best!


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