Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It was an end-of -the year dinner.
It was for 12 guests, and it was taking place in a private room of a restaurant.
My role...dress up the table by creating a centerpiece and favors which would add
color and a personal touch to the table at a low cost:)
This is one of my favorite requests. Thankfully, I get to do this quite often.
Here is the favor I went with;

I took this gorgeous Peony photo that I shared with you on a previous post. It was
captured by my uncle's camera.
On my printer I copied it, using the wallet size prints.
I try to think of as many ways as I can to use the beauty captured in photography.

I cut out each small print, stamped each one with the above sentiment, using my stamps and
black ink pad.
Then I took my glue pen and outlined the edges of each print, and dipped each edge into
a pie pan of extra fine glitter, outlining each small tag with sparkle.

I baked a double recipe of a favorite chocolate cake in my medium size bundt pans.
When cooled, I sprinkled with powdered sugar and put one in each clear cellophane bag.
I turned down the top and put in one staple. Then I glued the completed
tag over the staple.

I used my previously mentioned glass bowl and goblet centerpiece, and filled
it with shades of pink Peonies from my little garden.
The pinks of the tags and the pink of the centerpiece added the touch of color
that was needed for the cream colored linens on the table.

I added a few votives on the table.

Simple, inexpensive way to add a touch of "I care" to an end of the
year appreciation dinner.
As always...the best part of any dinner is the people that grace the table.
My part was secondary, but I shared it with you, in case you ever need to
dress up a table.


Tracy said...

I have a little time at the hotel this morning and of course, wanted to stop by and see what you're up to...how I love these! So elegant and beautiful! What a sweet way to show love and gratitude to others. Great idea! = )

Judy said...

So pretty...once again! I just come to your blog whenever I need decorating inspiration these days...a treasure house of wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Stacey said...

Judy, the table is lovely. The bundt cake gifts are amazing.

Miss Debbie said...

Beautiful.... simple and elegant! You certainly have the touch!

Linda said...

The favors are gorgeous, Judy! I love the glitter around the edges. Thanks for the great idea!

Debbie said...

And that is only one of your gifts! Incredible. Love the ideas and the though behind it.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

What a wonderful idea! It is so pretty and thoughtful. I have a muffin pan where all the muffins come out in the shape of flowers and I never use it. Now I have this wonderful idea from you to give gifts to my friends. Thanks!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Beautiful and classy.....as ALWAYS my friend.

What a lovely idea.

Happy@Home said...

You never cease to amaze me with the beautiful ideas you come up with. Your creative touches really set the tone for making this an extra special dinner. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

Jeane` said...

Absolutely beautiful mom! I am so impressed at your technical prowess with those labels! You've come along way, baby (wasn't that slogan at one time? Oh, yea. for cigarettes. never mind).
Love you!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

you wonder why we come here? This posting is another reason... it's what we all want our tables and parties to look like... so we visit you, and feel like it's "us"... :)


corners of my life said...

It make have been an inexpensive way to add a touch of "I care" but the effort you put into these is priceless

Melinda said...

It's amazing what the little touches do. The table looks beautiful. You did a wonderful job.


BARBIE said...

These are absolutely beautiful. I wish I were so creative!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wonderful favor and table decoration, Judy! You are so creative and talented and I'm sure many turn to you for inspiration!


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