Saturday, May 29, 2010

A few months ago I saw this simple idea on a blog. I visit many blogs and I just cannot remember the blog that I saw this on. If you visit my blog and it was your idea, please let me know. The idea stuck for me, and a few days ago, I created this centerpiece for my kitchen table. I used a glass candlestick holder, a crystal punch cup, e-6000 glue, sheer ribbon and some tiny crystals.

I glued the crystal cup to the top of the crystal candlestick holder.
I tied a sheer green ribbon onto the handle of the cup. I knotted some wired tiny crystals to the bottom of the sheer ribbons. Added a tea light candle and two lacy votive holders from a friend, and I had a centerpiece without spending money.

I thought you would like to see the fine detailed work that is on the white hanky I bought a few years ago at an antique mall. I think it is the perfect linen to use with this new candle creation.

On the pots of my front porch, the hybrid impatients are growing beautifully. Their vibrant red color just makes me happy when I see them.

The sweet potato vines must like the Peter's bloom buster feed that I give to them. I like the look of my flags that I displayed on this Memorial Day weekend, in the pots.

I am excited when the flowers in my pots grow and multiply. Since I do not profess to have a green thumb, each month the flowers live, I feel like an accomplished gardner:) Seriously, when I visit your blogs and see your gardens, I realize the above is not true of me. For today, if you come to visit, these two bright colored pots will be there to greet you.

Today, whatever you do, I wish you moments of relaxation, inspiration, fulfillment and fun. And, people you love to spend moments with.
Thanks for stopping by.


corners of my life said...

I love how your new centerpiece sparkles. Sometimes I like charnming, somtimes classy. This seems to be both . . .

debi said...

What a great surprise :-)
Your flowers are beautiful, really vibrant color! I have to admit I can't stop thinking about the little photo of the cupcakes....sometimes a challenge while reading your blog and dieting, I think I'm up to it!


Love Being A Nonny said...

I love the picture of your *littles* with the flags! You are blessed! (And your flowers are SO pretty)!

Kathleen said...

Love your "hybrid" impatiens!

Those wee flag-wavers are pretty darn cute, too.

Have a blessed & memorable Memorial Day weekend.


Judy said...

Another great idea...thanks!

Your planters are looking lovely. Mine are somewhat under the weather after a long cool, wet spell.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Melinda said...

Great centerpiece! Love the crystal haging from the handle.
The flowers are beautiful.
Such cute little ones too.

Happy Holiday weekend to you.


Miss Debbie said...

Never thought of putting a votive in a punch cup.It is beautiful on the candle holder and I bet they would be pretty just using a cup alone. May have to consider that for our wedding reception coming up in Sept.Your flowers are beautiful too...very patriotic!

Susan said...

Pretty centerpiece, perfect linens, patriotic and healthy looking/living plants! Hoping they're the ingredients for a FAB week-end with those you love!

Happy@Home said...

On my last visit to the thrift shop I saw several of these punch cups and thought they were so pretty. Now I'm wishing I had bought a couple. This is a simple idea that looks so pretty and elegant. I especially like the ribbon and beads tied to the handle.
Your plants look very healthy and patriotic. Your thumb looks pretty green to me :).
Adorable picture of your little flag wavers.
Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of your centerpiece. You come up with the cutest ideas. Your flowers are beautiful. I just finished planting mine, and like you, I'm happy for each day they remain living. I don't have a green thumb either. Your grandchildren are so special. I always live to visit here with you.


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