Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Pleasant Afternoon Visit to the Country

Out in the country, about an hour from my home is a lovely farm/garden center/gift shop, owned and operated by a friend and her husband. Many years ago, Mary and I worked together at a local restaurant. I was told over the years that I should definitely plan a visit to this beautifully unique setting. A few weeks ago, while visiting with our daughter and family, I had this privilege.

It truly is out in the country...gorgeous country roads led us to this place. Everything one could need for decorating lawns, flower beds and inside decor was here. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised as I walked through the wooden door and into the old rustic barn, discovering a most elegantly beautiful gift shop.

Mary created this gorgeous wreath, and I just wanted to just stand and stare at it.

Can you believe displays like this filled the rooms of this quaint barn gift shop? I wanted to buy one of everything. . .always fun to dream.

I did not realize that my friend was so artistically gifted. The flower arrangements were so exceptionally beautiful!

The crystal chandeliers for sale were masterpieces, and I could not help but wonder what the history was behind each one.

Outside, we walked on stone pathways through all of the pots of annuals, perenials and varied indoor and outdoor plants.

We could hear the sounds of rippling water from the different decorative stone fountains throughout.

This place was definitely worth our time spent driving to it. The country roads that we traveled on to get there, gave us their own show of nature's finest. But, the farm center was certainly the "icing on the cake." A perfect way to spend a warm, sunny, summer afternoon. Mary reminded us to be sure to come back in the Fall and during their Christmas Open House. Now, that was a fun thought to me.


Anonymous said...

I dearly love places like that. We live in an area of many, many different kinds of artists and places to go and learn to create things. Pottery, weaving, broom making, basket making, etc. I love the ones out in the country too.

Judy said...

I could spend some time there...that's for sure! If I'm ever in 'your part of the country', I'll have you give me a list of places to visit. You know how to pick them!

Unknown said...

Judy...where is that....Looks like a fun place to go...& one that I've not been at if you think of it...let me in on the secret....
Hope you're having a wonderful summer!!! Can't wait to see you at Bible Studay this fall!!

Barb said...

Hi Judy, well, I could certainly visit all day in this wonderful place. So peaceful and lovely!!

I just adore the wreath! :-)


cherry said...

What a beautiful that one of the fields and trees....looks like heaven. cherry

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What beautiful flower arrangements! It looks like a wonderful shop and I know I'd love to browse there for hours.


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