Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Evening's Dinner On The Porch

Both of my sisters and my sister-in-laws have the gift of hospitality and share it often, with others. Last evening my youngest sister served an elegant, beautiful dinner on the porch for my middle sister's daughters and friends,purchased as a benefit dinner, with the proceeds going to a worth while organization.

I was not there, but since my sister knows I enjoy seeing photographs of every event, she sent these to me. I knew I wanted to share the beauty with you in blogland, today. To look at the above photo, one would think calmness, preparation done, all is well...when in reality, she had this table and porch area totally ready in the early afternoon. Out of nowhere, a whopper of a thunder storm appeared, and the craziness began. Everything was quickly grabbed and brought into the house. When I talked to her on the phone at 2:30, she was still trying to decide whether to have the dinner inside or go back out on the porch and reset everything. When she sent me these pictures, I knew the decision had been made. Isn't that so often how life appears so differently than it really is. As I looked at these gorgeous pictures portraying a memorable evening, I knew the stress, the added extra work, and the worrisome decisions that took place before hand. That is what amazes me with her, how she does it and still can come out looking like all is well.

This table looks so inviting! Her dining room chairs and the white linens add a perfect palette for the touches of pink.

This very special group of young women who were the fortunate recipients of the evening's events.

Fresh flowers from her garden and from Costco added color and fragrance to the porch.

Pink tic tac containers were used as favors and place clever!! Not to mention the added decorative paper and rhinestones to complete the look.

Appetizer...lime sherbet, fresh fruit, dab of cool whip and a fresh raspberry.

Dinner...Tomato Bisque topped with lightly salted tortilla strips and shredded cheese. Hot turkey and cheese sandwiches on onion rolls.

Her daughter...the warm, hospitable hostess and helper for the evening. What would she do without her?

Her flower beds and bushes abound with blossoms and vibrant colors.

In between dinner and dessert was the pool time. Time to sit, relax, and unwind from the business and cares of life.

As the sun set in the west, the sky put on it's own show of grandeur.

Time for dessert to be served on the porch. Fresh strawberry shortcake with whipped creme.

The candles and soft music of the porch added to the ambience of the evening. I'm sure it was one of those evenings that one would wish, not to end.

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." I hope you enjoyed this event via pictures, like I did. Reminded me of the joy I get from opening my new "Victoria" magazine.


Tracy said...

Wow! What a wonderful and special evening! You're so right, sometimes the best laid plans... = ) Glad to see the storm clouds cleared and they were able to still enjoy their special dinner as planned. Loved seeing all her special touches. The gifts for hospitality, good food and a lovely knack for decorating certainly runs abundant in your family! = ) Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us.

Stacey said...

Good Morning Judy. Well make sure your sister knows that the frenzy she probably felt is not evident at all. The porch is beautiful and the menu sounds great. What a fun party. :)

Judy said...

Picture perfect! Thanks for sharing...always fun to see how others use their gift of hospitality. There are a few ideas there I may just borrow one day!

The porch party setting looks most evidence of the storm that blew through!

amy said...

Wow Judy! That looks totally fun, relaxing and elegant. I need a night like that!

Shelley said...

Beautiful photos - I love everything - the tablescape - the menu she chose - everything looks so wonderful! Gives me great ideas for parties I would like to throw in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Blessings each day said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful creativity you have does run in your family! How nice and it gives others such great idea as well!
All of the photos were just so lovely.



a woman who is said...

Your sister is very talented just like you. Beautiful food and amazing ambiance. I was so thinking Victoria Magazine :D

Thanks for sharing this with blogland I enjoyed it very much.

Anonymous said...

It was beautiful. So calming and serene. I love to see folks having a great time. Tell her thanks for sending you the pics. Blessings

Melanie said...

Such a lovely table...beautiful pics!

lindsey said...

What a beautiful evening, the table and young ladies look lovely and what a great idea. Creativity must run in your family...what a talented bunch you are!

Tina Butler said...

How beautiful all of the photos. Oh how I wish i was sitting in one of those chairs. It just made me smile to see all that hospitality. The fruit looks awesome and the strawberry shortcake omygoodness good. Can i be a sister. LOL.

Lauren said...

I just read your post ...and then thought about the name of your blog...and do you know what? Your blog name suits you perfectly because TRULY, every post is a like a gift. I appreciate the care you take in adding such gorgeous pictures...and I just really appreciate the very special life you live! Thanks for letting us in!

Happy@Home said...

By looking at these beautiful photos I would never have guessed what had gone on behind the scenes. What a special evening for these pretty young ladies. The white chairs and tablecloth with the pink flowers is so elegant. Even better than Victoria!! When I saw the fruit cups I was wondering what the green at the bottom was. After learning that it was lime sherbet, I thought I am going to have to try that. It sounds so refreshing.

Thank you for your continuing kind comments, thoughts and prayers. I am so touched and truly appreciate it.

Kathleen said...

Move over Martha Stewart! ...

All I could think of was: What a labor of love!

Now I'm hungry,

Miss Gracie's House said...

That looks like a perfectly delightful evening! Just gorgeous!
Love the *glimpses of farm life too. Great photography!
Have a great evening,

Barb said...

Judy, these pictures are soooo lovely. Ahhhhhh.....just refreshes the soul.


LisaShaw said...

Breath taking!

I love the fruit dishes. My goodness -- what a special dinner time.


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