Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chocolate on Tuesday

I personally am not a" chocolate lover." I do however have many in my life who are. It seems to me that chocolate is one of the favorite topics when it comes to food discussions, and it is definitely a unifiying subject. I discovered this new product from Duncan Hines. Muffin mix in a box, made with 100% whole grain. I made these muffins yesterday to make sure they were worth posting on my blog. In answer to the question...here they are. My recommendation to baking these, as with all muffins I bake, is to place the oven rack in the middle of the oven when baking, and to follow the baking time carefully. A bonus...because they are made with 100% whole grain they contain 0 grams of trans fat. Placed on a pretty rose china plate from the Goodwill store, this makes a real nice gift if you need one. To package this gift, you can cover with plastic wrap or clear cellophane, and add a homemade chocolate card like the ones below:

I discovered these adorable chocolate dimensional stickers at A.C. Moore, a few weeks ago. There are seven in each package. The detail and the colors on each one are exceptional. I find K&Company always producing beautiful products. For these cards I purchased a small pack of 10 plain white cards and envelopes at the same store. They were on sale...2 packs for 4.50, and a few color coordinated background papers. I have a thick mat stack of 72 4x6 printed sheets of paper that I use for many of my projects.
I shared this close-up of an individual sticker so that you could see the detail, and the glitter and the tiny rhinestones on each sticker.

I cut papers to fit the front of each card and glued it on lightly with paper glue. Then I added the sticker and completed an unique and beautiful card. I did this with all seven stickers, ending up with seven cards.

Put them in a clear cellophane bag, tied with a ribbon and added a tiny chocolate lover's card. I think this would make a special gift since it is one that would not be sold in stores. Another idea for these stickers, would be to use plain white index cards, fold in half, add sticker to front, punch hole in top front, add a ribbon and tie onto an individual package of whatever chocolate goodie you would be giving. Either way, these stickers will add pizazz to a homemade gift.

My husband and my grandchildren love chocolate milk. Seems like I am always whipping up chocolate milk. Last evening I had this old milk bottle filled with chocolate milk and a small bowl of pretzels...that is one of my husband's favorite evening snacks(which by the way, he does not often partake of as he did when he was younger). This is just another one of the ways that chocolate is part of our lives.

When I walked into a family outing on Sunday evening, I saw a gorgeous tray of ripe red chocolate dipped strawberries sitting there. My sister-in-law and her daughter-in-law had created them that afternoon. It seemed like the perfect way to end this "chocolate on Tuesday" post. There are truly so many different areas in the world of food, that chocolate plays a part in, and maybe this post will give you some ideas to try.


LisaShaw said...

Hi Judy, loved the post. I'm not a big chocolate person either but as a child I loved hot chocolate made w/whole milk. My Grand father always made it for me.

Those chocolate covered strawberries look DELICIOUS!!!

Have a blessed day friend.

Tracy said...

Good morning my friend! I've missed you. Been on a wonderful vacation with my husband and son and spent very little time online (as you can imagine). I have lots to share on my blog but no time to do so until probably later in the week. Just wanted to stop by and say Hello. I'm anxious to catch up on what I've missed here. = )

This post was wonderful! I'm very much a chocolate person...one of my absolute favorite things! Loved the way your charming notecards turned out! Those muffins (and of course, the chocolate covered strawberries)look wonderful and definitely worth trying!


Shelley said...

I love those stickers and the presentation you put together! I'll have to check out those muffins! (I like chocolate - but am crazy about dark chocolate!) :-)

Happy@Home said...

A delightful post from start to finish, Judy. I think you are lucky to not have a chocolate sweet tooth. Unfortunately I do. Your muffins look scrumptious and I don't think I would feel quite so guilty eating them since they do have whole wheat and no trans fat!! I also enjoyed you sharing the pretty cards you made. The stickers are lovely. Since reading your blog I have purchased a few rubber stamps and have fun using them on cards I am sending to my sister. With your encouragement and instructions I think I am going to try making some cards too. Such a nice way to let people know you are thinking of them.

a woman who is said...

Great creative ideas for giving those simple but heart felt gifts of love.

I am not into the card making thing, but this I would and could do. Simple to put together with a charming effect.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Gotta have a little chocolate every day. I even endulge in chocolate raspberry scented lotion, and chocolate facials are to die for....

You sure can make up a cute gift basket!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Judy!
Thank you for all your kind comments the other day ...I really appreciated them.

I enjoyed this chocolate Tuesday post! I did not know that Duncan Hines made a muffin mix that had whole grains in it, and I'll be on the lookout for this next time I go grocery shopping. I do like to incorporate whole grains into my diet as much as possible and what better way than in a delicious dessert muffin?

I also enjoyed seeing your clever idea of using those pretty stickers to make cards. I wish there was an AC Moore craft store in my area. I'm going to check K& Company's web site to see if I can find those pretty stickers or something similar for sale there..

Your sister's chocolate covered strawberries look scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

I love chocolate!!!!! I love to pack cookies in little bags like you have done here and give them out as treats. I have never seen those stickers before though. They are just darling! Your home made cards are lovely ♥ Now you have me craving chocolate LOL
Thank goodness I'm having my grandson over for dinner tonight. We are having chocolate ice cream for dessert :>) Opps, there goes the diet again....

Barb said...

Judy, this is such a delicious post!!!!! Yummy and the presentation is so lovely. I love those stickers!


Anonymous said...

Those muffins look delicious. So chunky and crusty.

Judy said...

I had to smile as I read your opening comments...since I am not much of a chocolate lover either. But most people are...and so chocolate treats come from my kitchen as well. Thanks for sharing your chocolate tips for the day!

Your gift cards and packaging are always so unique. Great ideas...always!

momof3girls said...

oh what a cute idea for those costume gift cards! and to give them as a gift (I have to admit I am not sure I would of thought of that - I would have been humming as I made these thinking "oh these are such cute cards that I am making - yeah I have new cards!")

you are so much more generous than me!

I will have to keep an eye for those muffin mixes

Carm said...

oh Judy...I adore chocolate, the chocolate milk idea is so cute...my boys would LOVE that!!!

carmela from cottonwood


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