Monday, July 13, 2009

A Fun Summer Reunion

A once-a-year family reunion...please bring desserts. What to bring is now the question? At this point I remember the rose silicone bundt pan that I found on the clearance shelf at Tuesday Morning store last September. Should I try it? What if it doesn't work? Decided to try it anyway. Used a vanilla bundt cake recipe.

Here is the purchase I made. If I remember correctly it cost me 3.99. You pour the batter in the mold without spraying or buttering it. It was fun to see the finished cake flip out of the mold after baking and cooling. A rose cool!! I sprinkled it with 10x sugar. Took one of my small glass vases, added water, a rose and two daisies from my garden, and set in the center opening of the cake. I took a container of my frozen peach puree' from last summer out of the freezer, thawed it. With one package of instant vanilla pudding and 1 and 1/2 cups of cold milk stirred together, I added the thawed peach puree' to this, to make a separate sauce to pour over the slices of cake.

Since I knew there would be small children present, I made this quick, easy dessert for them. Four packs of chocolate instant pudding. Followed the pudding recipe on the box, poured into bowl. Covered the top with crushed chocolate oreo cookies, and lots of gummy worms...some burrowed and some laying on top and some climbing over the edge of the bowl. Big hit with the children...and the chocoholics in the group.

The host and hostess of the group lived in a wooded area with so many beautiful flower beds. The home they live in was an older cottage that they bought years ago, remodeled and added to over the years. It was so enjoyable to see all the creative work they did on this house and the grounds surrounding it. My cousin definitely has a gifted green thumb, that would bring great pride to her grandmother who instilled the love of flowers in her. I had to limit my picture taking because I wanted time to visit...but the photo ops were endless.

The extra blessing of a swimming pool was the icing on the cake. There is something special about sitting around a pool on a summer evening.

My grandson was content to sit by the edge of the pool with his newly discovered stick from the woods, and "fish". He even jerked his little arms and exclaimed proudly to me that he caught a fish. Oh, the joy of childhood and the imaginations that go with it.

Freshly picked bouquets of flowers graced the food tables. The hostess's older sister kindly shared her talent with us in this area. The white pictures filled with colorful flowers and small crystal votives added beauty to each food table.

Bouquets of the abundant and gorgeous white hydrangaes created the centerpieces of each of the tables set up throughout the pool area and yard..

The very best part of the entire evening, was the gift of friendship and conversations that took place. Sharing, laughing, and catching up on each other's lives...what a privilege!

Throughout the entire visiting area...on the wall, under the trees on tree stumps, on the tables, and by the pool, were protected candles burning. As darkness settled in, a group of the men sat around a campfire, while others sat on the candle lit patios under the trees doing the same. It was one of those memorable evenings that one did not want to end. How blessed I was to be a part of it!!


Stacey said...

Hi Judy! Your cake looks delicious. I always admire those pans but haven't purchased one.

By the way, I hosted the wedding shower I told you about yesterday. Used all of the crystal goodies that you sent me. :) My friend just had a fit over the divided sugar holder.

Judy said...

Perfect...from the deserts to the the decor and the lovely yard. And I'm sure the compnay was the best of all! Neat deserts...thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Judy, your pictures are just wonderful! I love, love the rose cake and all the flowers....oooo, they speak to my very soul!

This was a treat.


lindsey said...

What a wonderful day and lovely photo's. Oh those grandsons and their sticks...we picked up a few more today on our last woodland walk before my family return to South Africa tomorrow :(

a woman who is said...

Thanks for sharing about such a fun get together. Looks like a lot of love was put into it and a lot of love was shared back.

I just wanted to let you know, your kind comments always bless me. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

A gathering and food worthy of an article in a magazine about entertaining. Martha Stewart has nothing on you and yours!

Angela Stoltzfus said...

so great to see you there! =)

Happy@Home said...

Hi Judy,
Judging by your photos I would say your new rose shaped pan worked very well. How pretty and I'm sure the kids loved their special dessert too. Your post today brought back such wonderful memories of the family reunions we had when I was growing up. Now our family is all scattered around the country and there are no more reunions. I miss it, but the next best thing was getting a glimpse of yours. It looks like a wonderful memory making day for many generations of your family. Oh, and the picture of your grandson fishing in the pool was too cute. Thanks for sharing.

Joy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth said...

Hi Judy!!! Just stopping bye to say hi!! I've started a couple of posts, but never got them published. I thought I'd get a break for a couple of weeks after last Tuesday's wedding, but that hasn't happened yet. Waiting for a evening phone consult. Hope you are having a great summer and I hope I can visit again soon when I can stay longer. I love the hankys on the cylinders.
Happy Summer!!


Beth at Aunties said...

I am a bundt cake fanatic when I need a fast dessert. Yours turned out beautiful and with the delcious sauce and pudding, I bet it melted in your mouth. How perfect for a summer evening surrouning a pool and friendshipa nd love...
What a wonderful idea for the kids dessert! My little ones will love this one.:) Thanks for sharing.
Your grandson is adorable!

LisaShaw said...

I loved all of this Judy! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

What beautiful memories created...

Love you.


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