Sunday, August 3, 2008

Multiple Uses for Kitchen Towels

This weekend I had some extra time to create a few gifts that I know I will be needing in the next few weeks. I had been at the "Dollar Tree" and I saw these adorable polka dotted kitchen towels. I thought the colors were so perfect for summer and I liked that they were 100% cotten. I was not sure what I would do with them, but I did know that I would find some good uses for them in the future. First of all, I lined some homemade cookies in some plastic wrap and then wrapped them in the green kitchen towel. It creates a fun way to give cookies to friends.
My Amish friends bake DELICIOUS homemade doughnuts, in their home. I put these in a cellophane bag and set them in this blue wire basket that I also purchased from the "Dollar Tree". I used the kitchen towel to line the basket. I will give this to a friend who did a big favor for me last week.
For this gift, I wrapped a loaf of homemade Orange-Cranberry Bread. I folded the towel in thirds and then proceeded to wrap the towel around the loaf and tired it with the ribbon. It easily fits back in my freezer to be used for a future needed hostess gift.
I think magazine subscriptions are a very special gift. Since I was giving a food magazine, I thought this kitchen towel would be the thing to use when wrapping the gift. Paula Deen, is one of my favorite cooks and I am sure that my friend will enjoy receiving this gift. One that will last the whole year through.
Four kitchen towels and four different gifts from my kitchen. What a fun way to wrap gifts. It is like having two gifts in one, and everyone can use new kitchen towels...especially if your mother is coming to visit. Happy giving! Judy

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Luzie said...

What truly amazes me is how every single one of those kitchen towels matches MY kitchen EXACTLY!! What a coinky-dink!! And I am SOOO glad that I did you a HUGE favor last week, cause now I know i will be getting one of those gifts. I can't quite remember which favor it was exactly, but I know i did SOMETHING! :) They are all beautiful creations, Judi! Have a good day!


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