Friday, August 15, 2008

Homegrown Peaches are Here

We are so blessed in our county to have many peach orchards. My family has always enjoyed recipes made with fresh peaches. One of our favorites over the years, is "raspberry peach jam". I found it a few years ago, in a wonderful cookbook called, "In My Kitchen". The recipes and the art are done by Lorraine Rohrer. This book contains some of our favorite recipes.
This recipe calls for fresh peaches, sugar, crushed pineapple and raspberry jello. I accidently purchased chunk pineapple, which means I had to put it in my food processor.
As you can see, it is a very simple recipe. I always choose that kind. Even though it does not say, I always freeze the jars of jam, after they are cooled down.
This method of making jam does not require a lot of time, and it is fun to have "red" peach jam. If you never tried this recipe, you might want to.
It is a good feeling to put it in the freezer, to use for my family, and for gifts. Judy

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Jeane` said...

Another beautiful posting! THANK YOU A TRILLION TIMES OVER for ALL the incredibly hard work you did in the corn process today...and to think you weren't even going to do it. THAT is love!!!!I can't wait to see your posting on today (and see the beach whale sitting on a stool slowly picking off leftover corn hairs!) :)
Love you,
Your eldest


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