Thursday, August 14, 2008

My New Pink Stars

A few weeks ago, I visited a very special, quaint gift shop on Rt. 30, near Paradise. The name of the gift shop is "Grandma's Attic". If you ever have an opportunity to stop in and browse, you will find yourself stepping back in time. It has beautiful gardens and antiques, inside and out. I was at the checkout, and saw a basket of many little, colored stars. I discovered by looking up, that they had taken the stars and slipped them onto the tiny white string lights that were strung above the checkout desk. I liked how it looked, so I picked out some pink ones for me. Because of time limits, they remained in the bag until late last evening. I found a strand of white lights from Christmas. I added a pink star, every 4th light, and took them out to my porch. I had fun placing them on my old table, along with the old globes that I had recently found at a flea market. I am not sure I will keep them at this location, but for now, I like how it lit up my dark porch. The pink stars added an extra glow.
I sat on the porch thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet, with only the night sounds in the air.
I have always had a fascination with "stars". I read recently, that the universe contains untold trillions of stars, not the mere thousands that can be seen from earth by the naked eye. Then, I read in my very favorite book, that "He determines the number of stars and calls them by name." Psalms 147:4. Amazing!! As for my new pink stars, I wil enjoy the light they bring to my porch on the remaining summer and fall evenings.

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Mona said...

Your blog is like an antidote to anxiety and stress. I'm so happy i stumbled over it just now. Thank you! You made my day.


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