Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"All Done With a Needle, Thread and Hours of Time"

YMany years ago, my great-grandmother created this masterpiece. It must have taken her so long to do, with all of the other jobs that were required of her at the time.. I have never attempted anything with a needle and thread, but I cannot imagine how much time would be involved in completing a job like this. This framed treasure has a prominent place on our living room wall. Whenever, I pause to look at it, I am reminded of the love and the skill involved as she made it for her daughter...my grandma.
This masterpiece was made for me by my grandma for our wedding gift. I treasure this piece, because I remember how long it took my grandma to make it. She wanted it to be just right. It is so beautifully done. I marvel at the neatness of the stitches. Unfortunately, arthritis has prohibited her from creating any more of these special framed pieces. I am reminded of her love and kindness to me whenever I stop and reflect on this piece. Thank you dear grandma!!
Located in the foyer of our home is another beautiful, framed counted cross-stitched "Welcome" sign. The extremely talented lady that spent hours and hours of time doing this for me, is my dear aunt and friend. It graces the wall of our home and I cannot walk past it, without stopping and surveying all of the tiny pearls that were stitched on. I truly am humbled to think that anyone would take the amount of time that she did, for me. She truly is an artist with a needle and thread. The above photo does not do justice to it. Each and every letter is tiny pearls, sown on by hand.On our living room wall is another one of my aunt's creations. Another detailed, perfectly done, tiny pearls, and a gold bow masterpiece! Once again, this photo does not clearly show the FINE features of this counted cross-stitched piece. I wanted to share these few pieces with you. In this busy world, it is important to take time to observe artwork done by special people in your world. Judy


Jeane` said...

While they are all beautiful, my favorite is the last one! I don't know why...but I do remember Aunt Sharon giving it to you. She has quite the talent! Didn't great grandma make the 2nd one when Ashley and/or Kimberly was born? Maybe I just remember it hanging in their nursery...
In any case, nice posting!

ajwatson722 said...

I can remember exactly where you had these hanging in our house growing up! I always thought they were so pretty! Thanks for sharing! love you!


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