Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My "No Fuss" Way to Delicious Iced Tea

Many of you have served me refreshing, delicious, thirst quenching glasses of iced tea in the last few years. Actually, it goes back even further than that. Back to when I was a young girl and my mother and my aunts would grow their own tea and make pitchers of mint tea, or as they called it, "meadow tea". On hot days, there just was not anything better. Some of my dear friends still grow their own tea, and make "the best" glasses of tea. Me, I do not grow my own tea, but since I found this box of spearmint, herbal tea at Kauffman's Fruit Farm and Giant grocery store, it works for me. I make "sun tea".
I fill a gallon jar of water, add 7 tea bags, and set the jar out in the sun. I let it set for at least 5 hours, or an entire day.
When I bring it inside, I strain the water out of the bags of tea at the top of the jar. I put it in the refrigerator until I am ready for a glass of tea. I add a bit of sweetner. Whatever way you choose to do that is fine. My choice is one pack of Splenda, lots of ice, and a slice of lemon. So simple, so delicious and if you stop by, I give you one, also. ps. Any brand of tea bags, and any flavor will work with this method.

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Sharon said...

Judy, I just found your blog recently and love the things you share. Today however, I must comment! I am and have been a lover of tea for a long time. I do happen to grow my own "meadow tea" but am a fan of tea bags in winter as well. One thing I like to do is brew a flavored tea bag in with the mint leaves. That's fun. I've often heard of "sun tea", but must admit I've never made it. I know - whatever. I have been inspired to try making some though, after reading your blog and seeing the beautiful photos you included. Thank you!...I just may make some to take along to our picnic on Sunday!


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