Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Chocolate Chip Cookie" Time

One of my daughter's dear friends is visiting in our home this week, from North Carolina. In one of our conversations, she mentioned that one of her biggest weaknesses is homemade chocolate chip cookies. Since I had a few extra minutes while babysitting today, I made some for her.
The recipe that I had copied from the internet, was a quick, easy and so delicious one. I made the cookies bigger than I usually do, because I wanted to try something that I had seen in a previous "Martha Stewart" magazine. It was an article on "cookie gift how-to", using blank CD envelopes from the office supply store. Included in the article were clip-art gift tags. I chose to make my own gift tags,with folded strips of paper, stickers and a "thinking of you" stamp. I took the extra cookies and put one in each envelope and stored them in a plastic container in the freezer. I will use them as little gifts when needed in the future.
I am sure you each of you have you own "best chocolate chip cookie" recipe. I personally have tasted some of your recipes and I know for a fact,they are so delicious!! But, if you happen to want to try this soft choc. chip cookie recipe, you can find it at "". When I was a little girl, choc. chip cookies and milk just seemed to make everything right. They still do. Why not bless someone's day with a cookie and might lighten their load. Judy

Another tip that I have tried, is to freeze individual balls of choc. chip cookie dough on a cookie sheet. When frozen, remove and store in zip-lock freezer bag. When you need some cookies, just place frozen dough balls on a cookie sheet and bake. It is defintely a time saver.

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