Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Just a Little Something Sweet"

I do enjoy Erma Bombeck. She seemed to have a grasp on life as I see it. I loved her sense of humor...a necessary ingredient in getting through daily life. I do not like diets. I like healthy, disciplined eating and exercise. My mother was, and continues to be a disciplined eater. I learned many lessons from her. But, one thing everyone who eats meals with her, whether at home or in restaurants knows, is that at the end of her main course, she always wants, just "a little something sweet" for her dessert. I have heard her say hundreds of times..."why do they only serve big desserts?" "Why doesn't the restaurant serve just "a little something sweet?" All of this to say, this week I discovered "Entenmann's" has honored my mother's wishes. They have made "100 calorie, carrot creme snack cakes, and called them "Little Bites".
I bought a box of them, put them on a pedestal plate, added a few chopped walnuts and a tiny icing carrot(from Weaver Nuts). Both mom and I think these new little treats are delicious! We were pleasantly surprised! A cup of coffee and a snack cake, will be a good ending of a meal. Try them, you might like them...only if you wish for "a little something sweet".If you prefer "BIG" desserts, you might want to visit "Jenny's Diner".
Another discovery that I made, are these individual packets of "100 calorie Cappuccino Mix, in French Vanilla". I will carry these in my purse, and request a cup of hot water at the restaurants, or at home. This is another one of my "just a little something sweet"ways to complete my dinner. If you need to go the "decaf" route, this may not work for you.
In light of all that is taking place in our world, this is only a bit of trivia that you may, or may not care to know. What I do know though, is that I will never hear the words "just a little something sweet", without thinking of my dear mother. Judy

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Dale V said...

Dearest Judy, You have been a busy blogger this week....I looked in to see many wonderful ideas and some treasured moments at the beach. Photos are all so beautiful along with the heart that offers these ideas. I like your new picture at the top! Blessings, Dale


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