Saturday, August 16, 2008

Corn...From the Farm, To the Freezer

The corn came with a high recommendation, claiming it was some of the sweetest corn they had ever grown. It was yellow and white combined. Four of us worked on this project. Two of us were adults and the other two were babies. Actually, there were almost "five" of us. All of this proved to be quite a day.
In normal conditions, freezing sweet corn is a tiring situation involving long hours to complete the job. My dear, very pregnant daughter should have had here feet propped up on the sofa during the afternoon. But, she insisted on helping, as did her two year old son. Together, we tackled the job, and together we finished it, with lots of interesting events in between.
We loved the tasting part! Yes, it was every bit as delicious as they had claimed it to be! To me, it was better than candy. Not everyone who tasted it would agree with me. How could corn ever be said to be better than candy...especially if you are two years old.
Fortunately for us, one of our group took a long afternoon nap. Oh, the joy of an afternoon nap. This winter when she sits up on her highchair, she will eagerly eat her bowl of corn with her meal, since her mother said it is one of her favorites. She will be totally oblivious to all that went into her having a bowl of corn in front of her. That is how it is with so many things in our lives. We have them available to us, but we rarely think about what all was involved before we received them. Until next summer when just maybe,we will tackle this job again, we will certainly savor every opportunity to taste some of this "sweet" corn. Judy

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