Monday, February 24, 2014

Just a bit of interesting news to share with you all...

This is our small, country church.  Last week, look what was discovered perched on the roof
of our church... (the picture was taken by one of the neighbors)

A beautiful snow uncommon site in our area, until recently.

With the white snow and the blue sky, this little guy fits in perfectly.  We feel so honored
that he chose our church to have his private prayer time.

Speaking of birds...

I recently read this in Matthew 6:26 TM;

"Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care
of God.  And you count far more to him than the birds."

"Careless in the care of God.  And why shouldn't they be?
For their food, He provides insects in the air,
seeds on the ground.
For their search for food.  He provides eyes that are keen,
wings that are swift.
For their drinking, He provides poolings of rainwater.
For their bathing, He provides puddles.
For their survival, He provides migratory instincts to take them
to warmer climates.
For their flight, He provides bones that are porous and
For their warmth, He provides feathers.
For their dryness, He provides a water-resistant coating.

For their rest, He provides warm updrafts so they can
glide through the air.
For their journey, He provides the company of other travelers.
For their return, He provides the companionship of a mate.
For their safety, He provides a perch in branches far
from the reach of predators.
For their nest, He provides twigs.
And for every newborn beak, He provides enough worms so
they can grow up to leave the nest and continue the cycle of life.
    It's no wonder they're so free from the cares of the world.
    The wonder is, if we count more to Him than the birds,
why aren't we?"
~Ken Gire

Thanks so much for stopping by this evening.

Beautiful and uniquely captured photos by my uncle.


Judy said...

Most have the snow owl choose to visit your church!

'Careless in the care of God'. I like that! I'll be thinking on that.

Beautiful pic's...beautiful thoughts.

Debbie said...

Loved this! Such good pictures! The snow owl is sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing these. Enjoy your day!

Stacey said...

I can't imagine the pleasure of seeing that owl! We have Great Horned Owls here and see them pretty often. It is always a privilege to see them.

The scripture you chose is so perfect for this post. :)

debi said...

What a beautiful owl....God's handiwork...
Enjoyed all the photos....
It's true that why wouldn't God meet our every needs when even the birds haven't a worry?


Christine said...

I have so much enjoyment, just watching all the birds that visit our yard. And to think God really does provide for them.

(good choice in the new font)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

All the birds photos in this post are beautiful but the snowy owl is just magnificent. It is special that he choose your little country church to perch on. Such encouraging words you have shared here. Thank you


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