Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do you remember the song, "Come Saturday Morning"?
On the back country roads, early this morning, 7:30am early,
we passed an eager group of children headed for a morning of
sledding on a nearby hill.
I had to capture these pictures, as it looked to me to be right
out of the Norman Rockwell era.

Down the hill they flew, and then the trek back up the hill.  Saturday morning fun at it's finest.

From there, two of our grandchildren, my husband and I headed for one of our favorite
local restaurants for a hearty breakfast.  My breakfast, walnut
baked oatmeal, with milk.  I highly recommend it!

After breakfast, and lots of fun conversations with other friends/patrons, we were on our
way to a thriving farmer's market in a nearby city.  Our good friend and her son
took on a new venture.  Along with a successful fresh produce stand that the son
owns and operates, he and his mother opened an additional stand, selling all freshly cut and packaged vegetables and fruits, plus delicious yogurts and salads.  

The eye candy at this stand was most impressive!  The freshness and the vivid colors of the
fruit, was so beautiful!

For me, this was better than any candy store.  Every color of the palette, was attractively

Son and mother took a moment to pose for a picture.  Truly this family has many
entrepreneurs, and (having seen when they tackle a new enterprise) it is bound to be
successful.  Personally, I think the mother looks more like the son's sister, than his

A pretty bouquet of white tulips graced the side counter.

Packages of fresh stir fry vegetables, would certainly make dinner preparations much simpler.

Lush green asparagus, added to the stands color appeal.

Smiles were an attractive feature, at the new stand.

Colorful, fresh garden salads were packaged and ready to eat.
Our granddaughter was thrilled and kept asking if she could eat it as
soon as she got home.

 Healthy yogurt parfaits, were my choice, sold with delicious looking granola.  Our grandchildren
were intrigued by the personal attention they were given.

Oh, so good!  Lunch served in a convenient.

Their homemade fruit dip, was exceptionally good, and the plate
of fruit and dip did not last long in our household.
The sweetness of the watermelon and cantaloupe, along with the fact that the
sun is out today, almost led one to believe that Spring is actually around the corner.

Grapes and fruit dip, in a clear, plastic cup.
A perfect snack, or a meaningful gift for anyone.
I liked the concept of it all.
I wish them much success and years of blessing, in this
brand new adventure.
The four of us, were most impressed on our first visit.

Despite the eye candy appeal of the fresh fruits and vegetables, this
little guy was still drawn in to the bins of chocolate candy, at a nearby stand.
He was convinced that we needed to purchase chocolate to make
our market trip complete.
"Come Saturday morning" is how we spent ours.
Hope you are having a good one!


Love Being A Nonny said...

i love love love fresh fruits and vegetables!! Wish I lived near their store! Thanks for the pictures!

P.S. In the kinds way I say this….I have a hard time reading the font you use. Maybe it's just me???

Just a little something from Judy said...

Thank you for sharing this. I will have my daughter help me change the font. I happen to have a thing for new fonts, and I do think this one might be a bit difficult to read.

Debbie said...

Oh my, the fruit just looks soo good. Nothing better than a good stand at a Farmers Market. Wishing them success with theirs. Enjoy your day!

Christine said...

My heart just pounded a little bit faster when I read that a son and his mother opened the fruit stand. You don't hear about that kind of relationship, in a business anymore.
What a beautiful place to enjoy some fresh fruit. Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What a fun outing! Enjoyed this pics. Loverly tulips! The fruit looked yumyum.

debi said...

I do remember that song and it was playing in my head as I went through the photos!


Mandy Hoober said...

Judy do you mind if I share this link on our Hoober Produce facebook page? Your pictures are beautiful!


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