Monday, February 17, 2014

 Miscellaneous Monday.
Sharing a few winter moments from a February, Sunday afternoon.

Pictures captured on the drive home from our daughter and son-in-law's home.
There is something so peaceful and so serene about winter in the farmland.

A mode of transportation seen often in our part of the country.  Heavy wool blankets provide
the method of keeping warm during the travel.

As you can see, ways to keep warm, are always on the forefront of our thoughts and actions.

Before lunch, the grandchildren were eager to show us the sledding hill they had
built, out back of their home.  The firmly packed, icy snow created a fast track
for the sleds and tin saucers, and down they flew, bouncing and laughing the entire

Well, maybe not laughing, as to can see by this little one's face, as she bounces down
the hill in a livestock feeding tin.  Fortunately, the hill was not very high, and the ride
not as long as it looks on the picture.

On Saturday, our two granddaughters baked and decorated this tray of
cookies as a gift to their mother for Valentines' Day.  She shared the
tray with all of us, as dessert after the lunch.  We enjoyed seeing
the creativity of two special little girls.

 Our oldest granddaughter was practicing photography with my camera, while we were
sitting around the lunch table, after a delicious meal.  She captured this vivid picture
of the roses on the table, which were a Valentine gift from her dad to her mother.

Outside the kitchen window, numerous birds visited the bird feeder.  With a few
simple lessons, she was busy capturing what she could.  I liked this picture, and was
impressed with her quick learning style.  Perhaps some day, she will blog pictures
of birds and flowers too:)

Sharing a bit of how we spent a cold, snowy Sunday afternoon in February, here at "just
a little something for you."

It is Monday morning, with a busy week ahead.  The forecasters predict 1- 4 inches
tomorrow and then 50 degrees later in the week.  Spring will be here soon.

Thank you for stopping by.


thistlewoodfarm said...

Hello friend!

You should enter your pictures in a photography contest! That first picture with the clouds is truly wonderful!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Judy said...

So beautiful...the snowy Pennsylvania countryside! I wondered about the horse and buggy mode of travel in the snow...and now I know.

Enjoy your snowy week...with the promise of spring around the corner.

Jeane` said...

It was so nice to have you here, as always.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at Annie's bird photography. Mini-you, she is!

Love you,


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