Thursday, February 13, 2014


We are snow bound.  The snow is coming at a record speed.  Everything is closed.  Hence, I
thought I would do a random post.  I wanted to share my Valentine's greeting with each one
of you.  Recently, I put together this simple heart vignette, using things from my house.
In the old frame, I put the greeting, using scrapbook paper from the drawer, tied a ribbon
around it and added one of the glass votive holders left over from our youngest daughter's
wedding.  With touches of red, white, and pink, some tiny battery operated candles,
and touches of green, I dressed up my kitchen island.

This centerpiece on my dining room table, remains where it was from Christmas.  I removed the
Christmas ornaments and added my white sparkly hearts to the bowl, along with the clear ornaments.
The tiny strand of battery operated lights, adds a pretty touch to the crystal.


Hearts reign here during February.   I used my cookie cutter and cut hearts out of the food. 
This week, I made these fun, very simple heart skewers for three grandchildren, as their
after school snack.  My granddaughter asked me if she could help me make some more
of them.  I was delighted as to how much they liked the apple, cheese, and mandarin
orange concoctions:)

I also made heart shaped bread BLT sandwiches recently.  At another meal, I cut slices
of sweet potatoes into hearts, drizzled them with olive oil and baked them, to serve
with chicken tenders, and steamed broccoli.

I made some white chocolate and macadamia heart bar cookies for the ladies in my
Bible Study group, just because I like to bake and I like hearts.

Every window here, provides the most beautiful views today.  Here are three of them;

What boggles my mind, is that I read that every snowflake is different in it's design.  Wow! 
That is totally amazing to me!

I am sure I am in the minority, but I am happy today.   I am a "winter person", and I
have always been drawn to hearts, so today, I am sharing the abundance of both.  I might actually have time to read my book today, and that adds to my joy.

This being said, I do feel for mothers of younger children, like my oldest daughter.
The snow days are endless here, and keeping younger children occupied while they
are housebound, can be difficult.  In fact, I can't help but think her desperation may
lead her to strap them all on sleds and walk the ten miles through the storm, to get here:)

Speaking of my joy, well, here is what I received yesterday in my email
bin, straight from my daughter's home. 
Our newest little grandson and the stylish hat he received from his
adoring aunts. 
I hope his smile and my Valentine greeting, adds a touch of joy
and love to your day.
Thanks so much for stopping here!  I wish you could see the
beauty of this snowstorm today.


Jeane` said...

Such cozy vingettes, mom! I remember those clear and heart ornaments we used to hang on our tree at 224 that you now have as part of your centerpiece in the dining room.

So far, so good here. No worries that you'll get a knock on your door with five frostbitten children. ;) Thanks to all those games you stocked us up with.

Love you!

Kathleen said...

I'm glad to know you're home, safe, have power, & plenty to stir your creative energy. I've been watching the news & have wondered how you're getting along. What a mess for those that have to navigate, or that are without power.

That new grandson is so sweet. Love his little smile!

Rick/Ruthie said...

I'm one of your readers who is able to enjoy today's snowstorm. Aren't we surrounded by beauty? I missed your postings last week but guessed you had more important tasks than blogging. : ) Happy grandparenting your new little one, though from a distance. I know it's not easy.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Well, at least for now the youngest grandson is no more rambunctious due to snow than he would be otherwise!
We've got rain, which I find even more vexing than snow. Keeping the 22 month old grandson amused inside is boring to both of us. Sometimes mud and frozen snow just has to be visited.

Your decorations looks wonderful! As long as the power stays on, all is good, right?

Brigitte said...

I love following your blog and check for new posts daily! Love your creativity and down-to-earth attitudes! Thank you for sharing your family and pictures! From a friend in SD!

Happy@Home said...

That last photo made me smile. Gosh he is adorable and looks so happy with his new hat.
For some reason I didn't do any decorating for Valentine's Day. Therefore, I am enjoying yours immensely. What pretty touches you have added to your home. I also love the crystal bowl filled with lights and ornaments. It is a perfect winter centerpiece.
Heart shaped sweet potatoes and BLTs? You creativity seems to know no limits. What a blessing you are to your family and friends.
Happy Valentine's Day, Judy.


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