Friday, February 14, 2014

Good Morning!
I want to share what I saw this early morning.

Standing at my front door and looking to the right.


Looking to my left.  The moon was big and the combination of snow, moonlight, and
quiet, was magical.

A close up picture of the moon through the branches of our side tree.
The picture is cloudy because of the blowing snow.

Looking farther up to the left, was the tree we planted 15 years ago, with every branch
covered in snow.

Looking straight ahead to our front sidewalk, somewhere underneath
it all.  Once again, the blowing snow did not permit me to
take a clear picture.  That along with my limited photography skills:)

I was so cold when I finished taking pictures, that I headed for the fireplace.

"Close by the fire I sit, to warm my frozen bones a bit."   ~Robert Louis Stevenson

And now, just in case you do not have anyone to wish you a "Happy Valentine's Day"
today, I want to be the one to do that to you.  I want each of you to know that you are
loved and appreciated.  That you matter and that you are important.

This adorable little vintage card was given to my by my daughter last year.  It makes
me wonder whose card it was and did they treasure it, as I do?

Happy Valentine's Day to you! 

Just think what a gift you gave to me today, you allowed me the privilege of sharing
MORE snow pictures with you.  Thank you!

In case you are still scrolling through this post, here is what 7:50 am brought for me;

Can't help myself, I have to capture this beauty. 

It is breathtaking!

Truly breathtaking!

The weather forecast for tonight...Three to five more inches of snow forecast.

Thanking God for creating sights to gorgeous to ever capture on my camera.
What a loving gift from Him.

I promise this is it for the snow pictures today.


Debbie said...

Oh my goodness...these pictures are just GORGEOUS!! I'd just love to see it all in person....wish you could see the contrast of yours and mine. It is suppose to hit 81 today! Thinking about digging out some capri's, haha. Enjoy your day sweet Judy.! Stay toasty in front of that fire! Valentines hugs to you!

Love Being A Nonny said...


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh that is so beautiful. I love waking up to that kind of beauty. I hope the wind stops and you can enjoy. Stay safe. Happy Valentines day to you Judy!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Your pictures are incredible!


Thank you for sharing them and your heart today!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

debi said...

What beautiful this California girl a chance to experience our temp today is going to be 81.... So wish I could wear my winter's rare here. :-)

Be safe and stay warm.


lindsey said...

There is something about snow when it's dark outside, a sort of quiet peaceful feeling. Your photos are beautiful, we have had now snow so far this winter just lots and lots of rain. In some parts of the country people are suffering terrible flooding.

I love your little vintage card, I have some that my daughter has given me and treasure them too. Happy Valentines to you.

Happy@Home said...

Your early morning snow photos are beautiful, Judy. Feel free to share them any time you are inclined. We did receive a large amount of snow, but today it is 55 degrees and starting to melt. Thankfully we can capture the beauty with our cameras for future reference.
The vintage Valentine from your daughter is adorable.
Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day today.

Judy said...

Oh my goodness! So beautiful...but not likely what you would have expected for Valentine's Day. Hoep you are staying cozy and had a wonderful Valentine's celebration!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Dear Judy, I have enjoyed every one of your beautiful snow pictures. And the darling little valentine card is as sweet as can be. My joy visiting a blog filled with so much love.

Kathleen said...

Wow ~ what amazing beauty you've captured, Judy. I can't help but think you'll be gunning for Spring before long (with your camera, of course).

Also, thank you for your continued prayer support for our family. I cherish your emails & CaringBridge sentiments.

Love, hugs & blessings,

Anneliese said...

Love the snow pictures . . . .and the vintage card . . . and your kind thoughts.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your photos are just gorgeous!


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