Friday, May 27, 2011

This is a random post with too many pictures.  It contains a few of the highlights of my week.  Now, aren't you excited that you stopped by?
The above pictures has some "Mock Orange" flowers from my friend's garden.  I share these with you because I do not see them very often.  They smell so good!  My grandma carried a bouquet of these in her wedding, or so I was told.  They were one of her favorite flowers.  They are a perfect addition to a Spring bouquet.

  A big bouquet of Peonies from a tiny roadside stand, way out in the country.  Price for the bouquet (without the pitcher) was 2.00.  The dear little lady said the Peonies were a day old and she did not want to throw them out, so I bought them and now they grace my kitchen island.  I wish you could smell their sweet aroma.

So intricately created and designed.  Each bloom is different and the colors are vibrant.

I wanted a vinyl tablecover for my wooden porch table, to prevent it from getting wet during the storms.  I found this Laura Ashley cover in the clearance section of my T.J. Maxx store.  It fits perfectly with my porch decor.

I found these huge, succulent strawberries, being sold from the back of an old wooden farm wagon.  They were grown in the valley of a farming community a few miles near my home.

I don't remember ever buying such big berries, especially in the month of May.

I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  I add lemons slices, or lime slices, or a strawberry, whatever I have on hand.  It just adds a touch of pizazz and makes me it seem a bit more special than a plain glass of water.

And, of course when the grandchildren are over, they want the same.  Yes, I served it to them in glass goblets.  Does that concept go with their bare feet?

The younger one passes on the water with fruit, she prefers her strawberries sliced and in a glass bowl.

Random, certainly not earth shattering (there is enough of that in the world right now), but it all added a touch of joy to my somewhat ordinary week.  Hope it did the same for you, now that you stopped by.  I wish you a few extra- ordinary touches in your day today too.


Judy said...

A great potpourri of seasonal treats on this Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I love all the random touches and pictures! And now I want a strawberry!!!!

Denise said...

Even your "random" is enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.

Terri said...

I LOVE the delight on the grandchildren's faces!!! It takes so little to make them feel special, doesn't it!!!? Makes me want to go pour myself a glass!

lindsey said...

Oh I love this and fruit, just up my street! As we were driving in the countryside today we passed a single deep pink peony growing in the tall grass along the road side. Have a lovely weekend!

momof3girls said...

Believe it or not I had never thought about adding strawberries to water! It sounds so refreshing I am going to try it tonight.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

A very sweet post filled with beauty and love. The flowers are so pretty and the grandchildren always bring a smile when I see their photos :)

Miss Debbie said...

lovely tablecloth...vinyl ones are usually that nice. lovely berries, too. we have had some really good ones this year, too. it is great that the young ones like them as well!

Christine said...

Your first picture of the Mock Orange flower is beautiful. The way the light comes through is stunning.
When it comes to all this beauty, it is always welcome.

Happy@Home said...

It looks like your week held some simple, yet lovely and delicious treats.
The flowers are all so pretty and I can imagine smell heavenly. The farm fresh strawberries look delicious and also take an ordinary glass of water to new heights. Such a cute picture of your grandchildren enjoying it.
Also, the tablecloth you found is perfect and oh, so pretty.
Wishing you a happy Memorial Day weekend.

corners of my life said...

What beautiful glassses for your sweet young ones.

Kathleen said...

It must be a day for simple pleasures. I've got flowers and grandchildren on MY mind, too!

Mock Orange has long been a favorite, ranking right up their with Star Jasmine. Their scents are so amazing, turning any day into a magical kingdom.

A blessed Memorial Day to you, my friend.


LisaShaw said...

Dear friend, I enjoyed every photo! I love water and I normally drink it plain or with lemon wedge but I never thought to try strawberry. I just may do that.

Thanks for bring the beauty of every photo to us but most especially the beauty of YOU and your heart for warmth, love and family! Love you.


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