Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the apron winner is(thanks to my dear husband who so willingly reaches into the old crock and chooses a name)...  "Mammy".

"Mammy".  She has a beautiful, somewhat old fashion blog from Oklahoma.  When I visit her blog I always get that "warm welcome" feeling that she shares with everyone.   She lives in a world of family, cooking, cowboys, and friends.  I am sure she would love to have you pay her a visit at her blog... "cometomammys.blogspot.com/"  I want to congratulate her, and wish her joys as she wears her new apron. 

For the rest of you who so kindly shared comments with me, I offer you this bouquet of the first peonies from my garden.  Thanks to all of you.


lindsey said...

Well done Mammy! I am now going to pop on over and visit your blog...enjoy your apron!
And well done Judy for this lovely 'Giveaway'

Judy said...

Congrats, Mammy!

Happy@Home said...

Congratulations to Mammy.
Your peonies are beautiful, Judy. Thanks for sharing them.

Christine said...

Oh, she will love wearing her new apron. Congratultions and thank you Judy for being so giving.


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