Monday, May 2, 2011

 Wedding pictures were skillfully captured by my sister and thankfully shared with me, so that I could share them with you.  It seems like she just knows how to capture important moments.

This weekend we were privileged to attend my cousin's wedding.  Interestingly enough she was getting married to another cousin's son.  Now before you send me all kinds of comments, please let me explain.  The bride and groom were from two different sides of my family, which made it an extra special event.  The wedding took place at 4:00pm on a historic farm in the country, making it a perfect wedding location.

My Uncle (the accomplished photographer) walking his beautiful daughter down the grassy isle.

The handsome groom's parents are my dear cousin and her husband.

The adorable little flowergirls dressed in pretty white ruffles, stole the show.
The ceremony was truly unique and inspiring, and certainly one we will not soon forget. 

The bride and her mother (my dear friend who became my Aunt, many years ago).

The good looking couple.  For some reason I could not enlarge this picture after trying numerous times.

The flowers added so much to the beauty of the day.  They were done by my long time friend, along with the help of the bridesmaids.  The colors coordinated perfectly with the turquoise colored dresses.

Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks drizzed with turquoise and white, were the delicous favors at each place.  I can't imagine how the bride and her mother had time to create all of these, but I was happy they did.

A very talented lady, restaurant manager, and good friend of the family baked and decorated the amazing wedding cake.  Now I must say, there are not many times in my life that I eat dessert at a wedding, but knowing the reputation that preceeded the dear lady that baked this one, I was not going to turn down my opportunity.  I can tell you, without hesitation, that it was one of the best wedding cakes with ice cream, that I had ever tasted!  What can one do to a yellow or chocolate cake, to make it taste so delicious?  Oh, how I wish you all could have tasted it.  Beautifully decorated and good taste do not often go together, but on this night it did.

The arrangements on the tables, along with many candles created the perfect ambience.  I think it is a real blessing to see family and friends pulling together, sharing their skills and talents, to create one speical wedding evening.

As darkness set in, the lights of the tent added a soft lit, romantic atmosphere to the evening festivities.  At this point of the evening, the dance floor was the fun attraction.

After a long distance relationship of 10 years, we can finally wish this couple our heartfelt wedding congratulations.  We pray that God gives them many happy years together.

  What a honor to be included in their truly memorable day.  Here her bridesmaids offer their congratulations to the bride.


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Certainly is the season for weddings... and it was a delight to see all the pics. The bride was beautiful. Pretty flowers too!

mK said...

Erin was just telling me about this wedding! It was fun to see your photos! I LOVE green spider mums - one of my favorites!! Their reception looked gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Aunt Judy!

Christine said...

It looks like everything came together that night!
Absolutely adorable picture of the Flower Girls!

lindsey said...

Absolutely beautiful! Fantastic setting and those flower girls dresses are amazing....dont think I have seen any like that before. Looks like you all would have had a great day and so nice that you could be with an expanse of family members in one day!

Kathleen said...

As "royal" as weddings can be! I love the little ones. Don't they just make any event noteworthy?

Thank you for sharing so beautiful a day. I am reminded that weddings & births give context to "hope" ... for both are such very hopeful gestures.

Blessings to the bride & groom; and you,


Lovella ♥ said...

OH Judy. .the wedding looks so beautiful. I loved the flowers and the pretzel idea. .and the setting ..oh so lovely.

Judy said...

I love that last photo...of the bride and her maids on the bridge. A beautiful wedding...from the the decor...and the venue. And what sweet flower girls!

I think it was the weekend for weddings! Thanks for sharing your 'royal' wedding.

corners of my life said...

As beautiful as the Royal Wedding! The flower girls are adorable.

Miss Debbie said...

Great pictures! Love the tent...beautiful! Interesting story about the cake. Looks like everything was very special!


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