Monday, May 23, 2011

On Sunday morning, my husband and I boarded a flight in Minneapolis, MN, for our flight home.  The flight left earlier than was planned and it seemed like the flight crew was in somewhat of a hurry.  We had no idea at the time, that after we left, parts of the city of  Minneapolis would be hit with a devastating tornado.  Our flight was a good one, and we stopped in Missouri for a few hours layover.  Once again the crew seemed in a big hurry to get everyone loaded and ready for take off.  Of course, it never would have entered our minds as we left the runway in the state of Missouri, that it would soon be hit with the worst tornado to hit the United States of America in four decades.  It is sobering tonight, especially after watching the evening news.  How quickly life's circumstances can change.   Life has changed drastically for so many people in the Midwestern US.  In our flights, we were just ahead of it all, and we had no idea.

The above two pictures are taken in the beautiful old, historic church where our SIL's parents hosted a Midwest wedding reception for our daughter and her husband.  The building no longer functions as a church, but as a banquet facility.  It was certainly a special place to hold their reception, on a cool, very wet Friday evening. It was a privilege for us to meet family and friends of our new Son-in-law.  Here is our daughter pictured with her dad.  The pretty white dress she wore, though not her wedding gown, was the perfect thing for a featured bride to wear. 
It was a fun, memorable evening.

This picture was taken early the next evening, in the city.  When we went into the restaurant on the left, the sun was out and it was a gorgeous evening.  When we came out a few hours later, a storm was brewing and ominious dark clouds had replaced the clear blue sky.  Once again, change happened so quickly.    Our daughter took this picture revealing the pending storm.

Our weekend memories are special, and the fact that our flight was ahead of the massive tornadoes, gives us so much to be thankful for this evening.

Thank you for stopping by.   And, if you happen to live in any of the storm related areas of the US, our thoughts and prayers are with you tonight.

If you would like to be in the drawing for this lovely apron, created by my Sister-in-law, it is not too late to comment on my "apron post".  Tomorrow evening a name will be drawn.  After reading the comments from all of you, I truly wish it were possible to mail one to each one of you.  You have no idea how much those words meant to me.  Thank you!


Diana Ferguson said...

A beautiful daughter in a beautiful setting!!

lindsey said...

The photos look lovely, your daughter looks so happy. I am sure you had wonderful celebration in such a beautiful setting.
We have been dismayed at the devastation caused by the tornado in USA. I am thankful to God that he took you out of those areas and home safely

Miss Debbie said...

Looks like a beautiful evening. And she certainly is a beautiful the dress! Dad isn't half bad either! ha! ha! So glad you made it out ahead of the storm and that you are home safe and sound! Looking forward to seeing who wins the lovely apron.

Judy said...

How fun to have a reception well after the main event! Beautiful...the venue and the 'radiant bride'.

So glad you made it home safe and sound...ahead of the storm.


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