Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Summer has presented it's own array of gorgeous sunsets. The extremely hot and humid weather was difficult to take, but the sunsets seemed like they were specially designed gifts for us, at the end of the days.

My sister captured this setting sun in Florida last week

And this one, looks like an artist's rendition of a sunset. I can't imagine sitting by the water and watching this evening come to a close.

My uncle captured the next four pictures several weeks ago in his area of the country.

A cold front was coming in and the sun was setting at the same time. Wow!

Another day has come to an end.

I hope to never outgrow my love of sunsets, or ever forget the One who creates them for me to enjoy.
Good night!


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Judy, those photos are exquisite! There have been some amazing sunsets and cloud formations this summer around here too!

Thanks sooooo much for sharing yours with us!

I'm with you.... let's never get complacent about these glorious gifts!

Judy said...

Awesome! Sunsets...never two the same...and each one amazing.

debi said...

Our creator is something isn't He :-)


Miss Debbie said...

Beautiful pictures. There is nothing like a sunset. Of course I do understand that sunrises are nice, too. But I'm never up to see that...well, not if I can help it!! :-) "Every good and perfect gift is from above; coming down from the Father of lights...." He thought of everything, didn't he?

Crickit said...

Beautiful pictures... our God really knows how to paint a sunset doesn't He!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Rach said...

Oh wow, those are lovely!

Anonymous said...

happy to read~ thank you!............................................................

Debbie said...

Me too! We often run outside to take a picture of a sunset, or just ooh and ahh over it. All so different and so wonderful!

Sheryl said...

beautiful pictures!!

being blessed to live on lake michigan, the sunsets are one of the best parts of the day. my daughter ellie loves them as much as i do. God never ceases to amaze with His beauty!

Anonymous said...

Such amazingly beautiful photos! Thank you so much for shaing. I imagined myself being there :>)


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