Friday, August 27, 2010

Since the little ones were here overnight this week, I got to do some of their laundry. As I pulled each the small sized pjs, shorts and tops and dresses out of the dryer, it was so much fun. I am one of those rare people who enjoy doing laundry. And, to add to my oddity, I love to iron each little piece. It stems back to the days when I worked for my grandma in her tourist home. Ironing everything was what made up my days in the summer. There is some sort of rare satisfaction for me in this simple job.

I like to stack the clothing on a neat, straight pile, smiling as I think of each little person who wears them... the guy who happily wears this outfit that looks like his big brother's choice.

I use this wonderful smelling freshening spray from the Meyer Company as I iron. I lightly spray it on and then iron. I like the "Baby Blossom Scent". On the label it states,"The blossoms of spring wildflowers, butterfly violets and honeysuckle with a teeny bit of apple, lemon and mint--oh so gentle for your baby. Hush, the baby's sleeping." One bottle of this spray lasts a long time.

So, that is why I spray it lightly on clothes that I just makes me happy whether I have baby clothing, adult clothing or bedding that I WANT to iron. I am well aware that many of you out there have not touched an iron for many years, and that is just fine. Me...I am an odd one.

If you choose to iron, you most likely have a favorite iron that you like to use. Over the years I have tried a few different irons, and this is one of my favorites, an inexpensive Black and Decker iron.

Recently, this magic has become my choice when removing stains off of these little clothing and the bigger ones too. I spray, let set and then wash as usual. Stains disappear and that is all that matters to me.

I only use spray starch when I feel it is needed. This brand works well and again it's soft lavender scent is a bonus.

As I close this fun laundry post, I want to tell you that I did read a beautifully done post on doing laundry and the room she does it in, at Her laundry room decor certainly would add joy to doing the daily chore. If you have time, pay her a visit.


LisaShaw said...

Hi Judy! I so enjoyed this post!!!

You may be surprised by this but I enjoy doing laundry as well but not ironing :) I love washing, drying and I love getting the clothes out of the dryer as soon as they stop so that they are hot. They smell good and I enjoy folding them especially towels which is my favorite.

Oh my goodness I didn't realize I loved doing laundry so much...

Shockingly my hubby enjoys ironing!!! He looks like he's creating art when he's ironing. He's received compliments on his shirts as if they went to the cleaners but NO it's my washing and his ironing that makes him look so good for work(BIG SMILE).

I so love and appreciate you. Your blog is so full of hospitality and that is representative of who you are in Christ!!!

Love ya!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What a lovely posting -- very homey and comforting!

Can't say it's been a favorite, but I do enjoy ironing pillow cases and spraying on that pretty ironing fragrance.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Judy, you and I are soul mates when it come to ironing! Mrs. Myers, lavender scented starch or sizing, and oxyclean soak for anything stubborn. Oxyclean even got a fruit stain off a cashmere sweater!

A bed just isn't properly made unless the pillowcase has been ironed with some kind of fragrant mist.

Judy said...

I'm a procrastinator when it comes to doing laundry...never high on my priority list! I still like to iron certain things...linens in particular. I must check out your freshening spray...sounds wonderful! said...

I have that same iron, but not the love of it! I also am not so nuts about laundry, although I do love the neat piles and putting them all away clean and folded.

Reminds me of a tablecloth my dad brought to my mom from a trip to Japan. It was full of a million little hand sewn flowers. She said it was 'awful' to iron, so she would pray for all of the little ladies in Japan who had so carefully put the cloth together.

Maybe I need to re-think laundry!! :)

a woman who is said...

Okay I will admit it, I hate ironing on a weekly bases, but once in a while it does bring back the memories of days gone by with my mom. You make it sound so romantic and dreamy. I want to iron...maybe... just for one day :)

I do use linen water to mist my cloths and give them a good shake to get the wrinkles out on cottons and such when I hang them up. I will have to track down the one you are describing...sounds amazing.

Thanks for all the great tips, I did enjoy reading this post:)

P.S. In case you were wondering, (I know I would) my husband does have ironed shirts thanks to the cleaners. lol

corners of my life said...

We recently spent two nights at an Inn celebrating my son's wedding. We hosted a dozen young men for lunch and when I asked for paper napkins the kitchen helper gave us ironed cloth napkins rather than paper ones. Sounds a bit like your grandmother's tourist home.

Happy@Home said...

I can't help but thinking of how lucky the little people who wear those cute clothes are to have a grandmother who loves them and cares for them like you do.
I don't iron on a regular basis, but when I do I rather enjoy watching those wrinkly clothes become all smooth and freshened.
I'm going to look for the freshening product and the OxyClean spot remover. They both sound like good products which will certainly make the laundry a pleasant task.

Christine said...

I've joined the "I like Laundry" club, also.

Connie said...

This brought back memories of ironing my dad's handkerchiefs and pillow cases when I was a young girl. My mom ironed everything for us too. I have always ironed the all cotton things for my family and still do for myself including my jeans. Love the look and feel of an ironed blouse and shorts.

What love you put into everything for your family even the wash. You are a blessing in so many ways.

Love ya, Connie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful tips. I have not tried that Iron spray but I will. It's such a joy coming here. You always have wonderful ideas and tips. Thank you so much. I can just smell those clothes :>) You make every day things so much better ♥

Miss Gracie's House said...

awww...this had me smiling from the beginning and then I got to the sweet you are! I'm gonna have to try that oxyiclean spray... I love oxiclean powder. Happy wedding planning!

Shelley said...

So wonderful you find the joy in ironing! As a matter of fact, my hubby enjoys ironing and even does mine for me. Like you, I know he is doing it with love!

Kathleen said...

OK, so now I'm gathering up EVERY stitch of laundry I can find in order to scent it. What great products!

I'm also relieved & delighted to know that I'm not among dinosaurs where ironing is concerned. I love creases and crisp results.



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