Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For many years I have been buying my fresh peaches from the little store at the country orchard. I think they are some of the sweetest, most succulent peaches. They are grown right in their orchards.
The peach season is much too short, in fact one year I missed it all together.
Last evening, late into the evening, I turned those peaches into peach puree' and peach jelly.

Peach puree' is one of my favorite ways to serve the taste of fresh peaches throughout the next three seasons. It is so simple. I peel the peaches, cut them in quarters, and then crush them with my potato masher. I add sugar to the desired taste, put in quart boxes and freeze until ready to serve over vanilla ice cream. Perfect desert in my mind.

Peach jelly...definitely our family favorite. The jars are now sitting on the kitchen counter, where they will sit for 24 hours before going in the freezer.
Jar of jelly, lace doily, jelly spoon and red case you ever need, "just a little something for you" type gift.
Spoons from the kitchen store...1.25 each.
Hope you have time and access to some delicious, fresh peaches today.


Miss Debbie said...

Thank you for your sweet comments and suggestion for my new name! It was sweet of you to take the time to consider it. We live in peach country, so we have had many fun times picking our own through the years. I, too, have made peach jam, but mostly we like to make homemade peach ice cream. Oh, SO GOOD!!

Happy@Home said...

Peaches are one of my favorite summer fruits. Your ideas today both sound delicious and look so pretty too. I imagine they would taste especially good in the middle of winter. I am going to have to get some peaches and give them a try. Thanks for the good ideas.

Rach said...

Peach jam, yum!! Love the final product too!

lindsey said...

These recipes look wonderful, I love peaches but they are quite expensive here in the UK but I will certainly try the puree to go with icecream...thankyou. The jar of jam looks so pretty too!

Melinda said...

Oh, yummy!!!

Looks good.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift to give some one! A gift from the heart ♥ It looks sooo good! Great post....


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