Friday, August 13, 2010

I like decorating, fashion and creating. I would redecorate my house every year if I could. That is not even a possibility. What I do enjoy, is to take flowers from my limited gardens and use them to dress up my rooms and my table top. Right now, my pink and red knock-our roses are blooming in abundance. Since it has been such a hot, sticky summer, I can appreciate them more when I bring them inside.

At the Dollar Tree, I purchased two clear cylinders and a jar of Decorator's Choice Liquid Marbles. I used two candles from my box of emergency candles and two of my glass pillar candle holders. I put the glass holders in the cylinders, poured the liquid marbles in to cover the glass holder, added the candles and a few fresh flowers. Cost to me...3.00 since I already had the box of candles.

I used my mother's old white tea pot and filled it with some more red roses.

My decorating fix has been taken care of for a bit. I will light the candles at dinner even if it is just my husband and I, and our dinner of salads. Afterall, he is the most important person to me.

If you buy a bottle of these liquid marbles, you can use them so often. To keep them fresh, you fill the bottle with water and allow it to soak for 4 - 6 hours. Drain off the excess water and reuse as desired. Don't you think they add beauty to this simple glass cylinder? They have the look of crystal marbles, only prettier. I know I shared these little gems before on this blog, but I thought you might like another centerpiece idea.


Rach said...

Very pretty. Have a lovely weekend!

Happy@Home said...

Another simple, but beautiful idea from you, Judy. You seem to have an endless supply and I am thrilled when you share them. I have knock out roses that are blooming now and I think you have just given me a great idea for making my table look very pretty. I am not familiar with the liquid marbles, but they sound interesting. Will have to look for them next time I'm out.

LisaShaw said...

So beautiful...and what a treat to have your Mother's white tea pot. I have my Grandmother's Tea set.

You always bless us with beautiful treats to make our lives and homes full of God's beauty.

Can you write a book with photos and all that we can have on our shelves and bless others for years to come? (BIG SMILE)

I love you my friend. I've missed you and prayed for you while I was off line.

corners of my life said...

You always have the best ideas. So easy and yet so elegant. I'l be stopping at the Dollar Tree this afternoon.

Miss Debbie said...

I saw those water marbles at the Dollar Tree and wondered how they worked, so thanks for the info. Lovely flowers and ideas!

lindsey said...

Judy this looks so pretty especially against the dark polished wood of the table...and even better when you know how little it cost!

Jeane` said...

They shall know you by your least that's what we'll all remember you by when you head to glory some day a long, long time from now (if your anything like Ethel). ;)

That's all I could come up with. Of course, the roses are lovely, the ideas, fetching and the presentation ideallic.

Love you!

Melinda said...

Just lovely!

Have a super weekend.

Melinda said...

So pretty Judy, and I think of how blessed your hubby is to be able to enjoy your beautiful table settings.

I have found more neat things at Dollar Tree... I did the wedding dinner flowers for each table setting in Norway with white silk flowers from Dollar Tree and a silver diamond ring which I glued into the center, and added their sheer white and off white ribbons. They have so much that we can use to copy a more pricey idea, which sure makes it fun!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog! And, what a pleasure it is to visit you. Very Pretty! Thank you for the tip on the marbles. Great idea, and I love it that you got everything at the dollar store. I love the dollar store!
Join us next week for Friday Pretties and show off some of your ideas.

Have a great weekend,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This is a very pretty arrangement, Judy! I love shopping in the Dollar Store and always seem to find things I need there.

Crickit said...

A beautiful idea... I hope that for as much as you do to bring a smile to someones face in the way of a "gift" that you also are on the receiving end and "just a little something for YOU"...comes your way.

God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

This center piece is just lovely. I can't believe all of the great finds you can get at the dollar store. For some reason I only resently started going to them about three years ago. I love them! I am impressed by how sturdy and strong the glass is. The wine glasses especially are wonderful. I like giving them as gifts.


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