Thursday, July 1, 2010

Saturday evening ~ June 26, 2010
Location ~ The grounds of an old castle.
The wedding of the son of our lifelong friends, and the daughter of more recent friends.
It was a picture perfect day, with beautiful grounds and some very special people.

The location of the wedding ceremony. Flowers by the talented groom's mother and her gifted friend. The flowers...every arrangement in every location were exceptional. Many my friend grew in her garden. I truly admire her artistic abilities. She never went to design school, or owned a flower shop. She lived on a farm and converted a large field into flower gardens. The sign by the side of the road said, "Pick your own flowers", and everyone did. A few dollars for a dozen. You could pick as many dozen as you wished. That was many years ago. She no longer lives on the farm, but continues to have many gorgeous, thriving flower beds, and continues arranging flowers for others.

The bride and groom. Their warm, gracious and effervescent personalities added much to the day's festivities.

The bridal party including family and friends. The photography was enhanced by the quaint, old castle in the background.

It was a warm afternoon when the pictures were being taken. The little ones were dressed in their finest, and much was being required of them. Pictured above in the royal blue dress, is my dear friend...the groom's mother, her grandchildren and her helpful sister, providing small bowls of chocolate ice cream to give the children a boost. They were given supervised spoonfuls of the ice cream in case you mothers out there are thinking the inevitable. It was the sweetest gesture on this kind lady's part to offer this refreshment to these tired little ones. It is characteristic of this family, to find ways always to serve others.

Another one of the mother of the groom's sisters, carried trays of goblets and ice water for the bridal party. It warmed my heart to observe the hospitality of so many during the entire wedding celebration. This lady serving the ice water, in the beautiful green dress was also the wedding coordinator for the bride and groom.

The groom's dad catches a few moments to chat and share a drink with his granddaughter, who the happened to be the flower girl. She looked adorable in her white dress.

The groom's mother capturing a moment to stop and talk to her handsome grandson. In all of her responsibilities, with many others to talk to, I loved seeing her in this grandmothering role.

Today, the wedding remains a pleasant memory for me. It certainly was a pleasure to be included in such a special event.


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Just lovely! What a beautiful wedding.

Rach said...

What a beautiful location and lovely couple!

Tara said...

Beautiful post of a day celebrating two beautiful people! Thanks for being an amazing friend to mom and taking such awesome pictures! Love you!!

Melinda said...

I love weddings
1--because it's a joyous celebration.
2---it's always interesting to see the different twists that each bride and groom add to their wedding.


lindsey said...

Judy these are lovely photo's. You could have been in England with that castle! What a pretty setting and the wedding party are so attractive. I am sure this was a day to remember.

Rcgarber said...

Hi Judy,

This was a great wedding except for some people "Needing" exceptionally large and heavy gifts...... Thanks for the photo's, you are a great communicator. However, the apple doesn't fall from the tree..... Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Judy - what fun to see some of the pictures - in the craziness of my responsibilities that day - I didn't take any pictures so I will have to get some from everyone else - thanks for being there for Jul! Thanks also for the very sweet card you sent - your kind words were encouraging to me. Thanks for your friendship - Melissa

Anonymous said...

Judy thanks for teh great pictures you posted and shared - thanks for being there early to capture so many fun things about the day. I was to busy that day to take any pictures so I will have to get some from you and Jul. Thanks for your sweet card this week -that was a huge encouragement to me after that busy weekend :) I enjoy your sweet blog. Blessings - Melissa

Love Being A Nonny said...

Beautiful wedding. Beautiful people. I love their attention to detail. And I love how the Nonny and Poppy still took the time with their littles. Everything about this wedding seemed perfect. Oh, and the flowers....GORGEOUS!

Gram said...

I love the colors!

Happy@Home said...

This castle makes for a most beautiful setting for a wedding. It looks like a lovely event and I am so impressed by your friend's talents with flowers.
May the bride and groom enjoy a long and happy marriage.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photo's. I just love weddings and what a romantic setting! Thank you for sharing. The couple look so nice and I love the colors of the bridemaids dresses. Happy Fourth of July!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a lovely wedding! Congratulations to your friend, Judy, and the young couple.
The flowers look beautiful!

Happy 4th of July!


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