Friday, July 16, 2010

Can you remember back to the time in your life when you turned "16"?
Can you remember the events during that time of your life?
Last evening there was a party to celebrate our grandson's 16th birthday, and what a fun party it was.

The pictures from special moments of his life, hung with twine on the side of the barn.

Music played in the background and the smell of good food filled the air.

The tables in the lawn were set perfectly for dinner outside(a few big black ants included).

The lady who they adopted as an aunt from their old neighborhood, baked his favorite chocolate mayonnaise cake, and every body sang "Happy Birthday"!

Good friends from his church youth group came to help celebrate, and to his surprise they were staying overnight, and headed to the beach for a day in the sun today.

The best ending to the evening was a football game in the back yard.

As I drove home at the end of the evening, I reflected back to our daughter and sil's wedding. This young man was 9 years old at that time. He has added so much fun and joy to our lives in the years since then. We are so thankful that he became a part of our family. He can count on our prayers as he faces the years ahead.
Happy 16th birthday dear grandson!


Love Being A Nonny said...

What a cute guy!! Love the pictures hung on the side of the barn. Happy Birthday to your boy!

Rach said...

Looks like a big group! Perfect day for a party as well.

I remember my 16th. I thought it was so cool because I got an actual $100 bill!!

lindsey said...

Great post...your grandson looks a lovely young man, so great that God brought him into your family and the party looked fun... what a great way to celebrate turning 16!

Melinda said...

Sounds like the perfect party for 16 year old. What a sweet family.
Happy Birthdya to your grandson!

Happy Saturday--Check my blog tomorrow for BIG news.


Happy@Home said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson. I remember 16 as being a special birthday and it looks like he had a very special party to celebrate. The pictures hanging on the twine is such a cute idea.
I was also captivated by your sunset photo. It is gorgeous!

Judy said...

That looks like the best way to celebrate a young man's sixteenth birthday...surrounded by family, friends and neighbours and assured of the continued prayer support of grandparents as he continues on the journey!

Kathleen said...

Such a special right of passage. I've no doubt this handsome young guy will remember the celebration well in years to come, though not as well as he'll remember the affections that spawned it.

Love your new header!

Susan said...

I can hardly remember being 16! I adore the way the pictures are hung on twine on the side of the barn!
Looks like you shared a wonderful day with your handsome grandson!
PS If you're hesitant to send me your address, perhaps I can mail your gift to a business address, church, or post office box. Let me know, OK?
Enjoy the rest of the week-end! :)

Stephanie said...

I love the pictures on the side of the barn, what a great idea!
Looks like the day was perfect ! Enjoy your summer !!

debi said...

What a sweet story Judy. I love what you have done with your blog background...very summer like!


Jen said...

What a fun party for a fun guy!! Thanks for sharing the pictures - looks like he got a big treat at the beach the next day. How special!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes god sends us the most precious gifts. Happy birthday to your handsome grandson. I love the idea of the photos strung across the wall of the barn. How neat is that! It's another great idea you have shared with us. Thanks you so much!♥


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