Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our grass was turning brown. The leaves on the front yard trees were falling off, and my flowers were looking sad. The rainfree days and the intense heat of the last few weeks were taking it's toll.
In the last few days, we have been blessed with times of rain. Steady rain. The kind you find yourself longing for when it has been absent for too long.

I love the sound of it. I like sitting on the porch and watching it. I am so thankful for it today.

I read some interesting facts about rain in a small booklet I have by New Leaf Press.
"Want to grow a single serving of lettuce? It'll cost you six gallons of rainwater. How about a glass of milk? You'll need almost 49 gallons of the wet stuff to produce just one 8 oz. glass of the white stuff ( the amount of water consumed by the cow plus the amount needed to produce her food plus the water to process it all)."
Like many things in our lives, we only realize it's great importance when we don't have it. I look forward to green grass and healthy looking plants. Thank you God for the rain that you blessed us with in the last few days.


Marty said...

Amen, Sister, Amen!

Judy said...

Rain...a sweet thing after a drought. Refreshing...and welcome when it has been absent for a spell. And so necessary!

We obviously use a lot of water on the farm...with a herd of thirsty cows. So I am thankful for our supply of wonderful, clean water.

lindsey said...

We have had weeks of hot dry weather and now some rain has fallen so hopefully our brown grass will turn green again. None of this is normal for the UK as you probably know, I do love warm summer days though with times of reading under the tree and the odd snooze too!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

We are also finally getting some well needed rain today. I can almost hear the trees sighing with delight. I hope the humidity goes away with the rain as it has been oppressive lately. Enjoy a cozy day!

Happy@Home said...

A beautifully written post with much food for thought. We have had similar weather conditions here and finally received a good soaking rain yesterday. It was a most welcome sight.

LisaShaw said...

Oh Judy, how true that we often don't realize what we have until we don't have it.

We also don't realize how good we have it until we see what someone else doesn't have. I used to take very long showers..any where from 10 to 20 minutes or until the water ran cold and I was forced to get out. I would use that time often to sing and pray unto the LORD BUT then...

I saw on television (years ago) a missions work that showed people with less than 2 minutes of water for the ENTIRE day and I cried.

It changed my life Judy in so many ways. Shorter showers to say the least and a respect for all that He allows me to have and to pray for those who are hurting.

I could share more... :)

I love you so much.


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