Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two families and good friends went together and created a very special baby shower for our middle daughter and her husband. It was held on Tuesday evening at a beautiful pool side location. My sisters, sister-in-laws, and neices planned the menu and prepared the food. Each of them made dishes they are known for, and that this couple enjoy. My daughter and her husband live out of state, so having them home for this fun event was wonderful. I don't often share long blog posts, but because of the work and beauty they presented on Tuesday evening, I decided to share more than the normal amount of pictures. What a blessing it is when family gives their time and expertise to share the gift of a shower.

My sister-in-law, my neice, my daughter and me were taking pictures at times throughout the evening. I want to thank my sil and neice for sharing their photography skill with me.

Little touches of pink were everywhere.

Our daughter, the guest of honor.

My sister-in-law's deviled eggs were delicious.

Another sister-in-law's molasses cookies. Everyone of us are thrilled to receive a bag of these cookies from her. Once you eat one, I promise you will not forget them. I like how she made them smaller than usual for the shower.

My younger sister is known for her frozen drinks. She has been making them and serving them for years. Here she made tiny strawberry milkshakes to serve the guests. The tiny cups of this drink looked so pretty on the white tray. It was a delicious addition to the evening.

Bottles of pink lemonade provided the perfect way to cool off on a warm summer evening. Another tub of bottled water was also a hit.

Clotheslines of adorable tiny girl clothes added another pink touch to the party.

My neice added the contribution of the amazing hand squeezed lemonade that has become one of her trademarks. After tasting it, I certainly understand why. I wish I had a glass of it right now. It was so good and refreshing.

Remember the snack mix recipe I shared on this post a while ago? I filled clear cellophane bags with the mixture, tied it closed with a pink bow and added a small tag for the favors. Just a little gift for the guests to take along home.

One of my neices generously shared this delicious treat. Fruit salsa and cinnamon nachos. She made them by spraying tortilla shells with Pam and then sprinkled with cinnamon/sugar. She baked them in the oven for a few minutes. The combination tasted so good to me. She said it was low in calories.

These tiny strawberry cream muffins could only be described as scrumptious! One found it quite difficult to stop at one. One of my neices near the age of our youngest daughter, did most of the baking for this shower. She has truly become an accomplished baker. Whenever we see her name on a desert, we know we are in for a real treat. She is also very creative in her presentation. I often wonder if someday, I'll will be eating at a restaurant that she opens.

Wouldn't you love to open y0ur refrigerator and find these beauties in it? These were not ordinary chocolate covered strawberries. This neice shared her known skill in making these again. A perfect addition to the food display.

The littliest girls at the shower had their own party. They certainly added some interesting side shows to the evening.

Opening up the gifts was a highlight. Here our oldest daughter and her daughters give the future baby, the bunny they lovingly chose at the bear store at the mall. They couldn't wait to give their aunt, this special gift which included a tiny heart in the bunny's pocket.

It was so good to have our daughter and son-in-law home again for a few days. Actually, the visit seemed way too short. Each of us were so thankful for the kindness, talent and time that our families put into sharing this memorable baby shower with us.
Like I mentioned at the beginning, I promise not to post long posts like this again. If you are like me, you enjoy seeing the results of people working together to make an event like this happen.


Miss Debbie said...

What a lovely way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a daughter! It is obvious that she is already loved very much by some very generous and gifted people. Your daughter looks so happy. I remember those days...don't you?

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your daughter is beautiful...what a fun time...loved the pictures...

Melinda said...

That wasn't long at all.
What a cute and creative shower.
The pictures say it all!


Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

what an amazing party.... everything looks wonderful!

LisaShaw said...

Absolutely beautiful daughter and family!! Congratulations to them and to you!!

Beautiful event and loved every photo. Makes us feel as if we were there in some way and I appreciate that.

Love and blessings! Praying for your family.

Happy@Home said...

As far as I'm concerned your post could have kept going. I found it so enjoyable to see how so many creative and talented ladies came together to shower your daughter with love. It looks like a truly lovely shower. One that won't soon be forgotten.

Rach said...

How fun! The food and decor look amazing!

Crickit said...

What a beautiful shower and daughter! You are all so creative. Thank you for sharing about your wonderful day.

Love Being A Nonny said...

OH GORGEOUS! Every little detail is just gorgeous! I want to re read this for my daughter-in-law's shower!

Love Being A Nonny said...

OH GORGEOUS! Every little detail is just gorgeous! I want to re read this for my daughter-in-law's shower!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I LOVED...your LLLOONNNGGG post! Every picture truly captured the amazing evening you all had together.

What an amazing family you have and I know your daughter and son-in-law were blessed.

You sure know how to throw a party! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, lovely shower! There were so many special touches. I love the idea of the baby clothes and clothes line. I don't think I have ever seen that before. The favors were beautiful and the drinks!!!! So many wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations to your daughter and her hubby. A little girl 3 How very special is that. said...

It sure wasn't too many pictures for me! I just love the way you capture it all... makes my imagination level go way up! I kind of have to steal your ideas once in awhile... they are too good to ignore!! :)

Loved this Judy... what a precious party and how wonderful to be welcoming another little family member!



Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I don't mind long posts, Judy. This was a pleasure to read.

Your daughter looks so much like you and she is positively glowing with happiness. Her baby shower looks like a wonderful time for all. Everyone's culinary contributions looks so delicious! Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law and many good thoughts and prayers for them as they await the baby's arrival.

BARBIE said...

What a beautiful shower. The food looks amazing, and the picture with the little girls, precious!

Judy said...

Everything looked amazing...from the decorations to the food...and all the guests...especially the lovely guest of honour! And I picked up a fun idea or two...again.

a woman who is said...

OH my GOSH!!! That was truly an amazing post...I loved all of it. What an absolutely talented and beautiful family you have. I can not get over the creative participation from all your family members. I have gleaned many an idea for future showers here myself.

Just lovely Judy!

Landis said...

Oh thank you for posting photos of the shower and for making sure my gift got to her!! This is the first I've seen her with the baby bump! She looks great! I So wish I could have been there. Looks like you all had a blast.

P.S. - Haiti was incredible. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. When I finally wrap my mind around all we experienced, I'll have to write a post. :)


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