Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tiny Painted Gifts

Year after year, I take these tiny salt and pepper shakers out of my cupboard, to use for the holidays. One year my friend painted this set for me as a gift. I was totally surprised that anyone could paint on such a small surface. Every fall I think of her, when I set these on my table.

Another year she painted Christmas salt and pepper shakers for me. I feel so fortunate to have seasonal salt and pepper shakers. I marvel at how she could keep her hand steady enough to paint with detail like this. Once again, I think of her when I use these, each Christmas season.

A tiny painted wooden bowl, was a gift to me from my dear sister-in-law. Her good friend, a professional artist, painted it, and I received it for a gift. It is difficult to tell how tiny this bowl is from the picture, but the details painted on it, are amazing. It is a perfect place to keep my rings.

Another tiny, hand-painted gift. My counsin's wife painted a snowman on this old key, many years ago. Each year, when I bring out my snowman collection, I stop and marvel at how anyone could paint on a narrow surface like this. Here are a few of my tiny,hand-painted treasures, that were created by friends, with impressive, artistic skill. Thoughtful gifts that continue to bless, year after year. As we enter this time of the year, may we continually be reminded, that gifts from the heart , are the best kind to give.

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Unknown said...

Those are so cute! I love the snowman. I'm so excited for Christmas this year and those little things are what makes me so much more excited!


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