Saturday, November 29, 2008

Garage Transformation

My extended family is coming for dinner. How do we accomodate 35 people? We clear the cars out of the garage. We scrub the floor, and clean the windows.
We add tables and chairs, string lights from the ceiling, run the portable heater the day of, and plugged in the mini crockpot of spices, to replace the smell of a garage with the smell of cinnamon and oranges.

Yes, we use all paper and plastic ware, and green candles from last Christmas. We play Christmas music to add to the festivity.

Because we were hosting this dinner, I did not have time to take pictures of the main course. The pictures above, are the desserts that my mother provided. Her vanilla pudding pies are a standard at this meal each year. Her warm baked apple crisp and vanilla ice cream are an added feature, and I cannot describe to you how good it tasted. Some of my neices and nephews helping themselves to desserts. Because of Thanksgiving break, many of them were home for the holiday, and able to join us for the evening.

My soon-to-be-married neice and my precious granddaughter(without her usual smile).
Pictured here are the youngest cousins. It seems like only yesterday, they were toddlers. Cousins and special. Who would have thought, that an evening in the garage could be so much fun.


Jeane` said...

Just in case you're wondering, the reason for a lack of a smile on Annie's face at that particular moment, is because it was otherwise occupied with about 5 fruit snacks marinating inside of her mouth!
It was a DELICIOUS dinner, mom!!! Can't wait to make some of your creations. (Esp. the rolls!)

Marilou said...

Aahhhhh...yes! How do I love having my birthday dinner at Sister Judith's house?? A-L-O-T!! Such tasty morsels, such lovely ambience surrounding us all, a hostess that is beyond cute, a mother that makes the most delectably delicious Vanilla pudding pies EVER for her favorite daughter's birthday every year and well, last but not least having the WHOLE family togther celebrating ME!! What could possibly be better you ask? Absolutely nothing...well, maybe trading bodies with Cindy Crawford...but that is it, nothing else! Thank you for having us all there and for making it so special and memorable!! You're the best!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a great idea. I love the idea of the cinnamon/spice stuff in the crock pot.

The lighting...and the table..looked WONDERFUL!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!?!?

Connie said...

I came over from Kim's at Seasons of My Heart and wanted to say Hi! I am a grandma too and am enjoying this time in my life. Come on over see me. I love your blog by the way and will be back for some of your great recipes. I copied the Raisin Bran muffins to try for my husband. Connie

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Hi Judy! I stopped by at the recommendation of Kim at Seasons of my Heart...WOW...WOW...WOW! I've just spent the last 45 minutes reading back through your blog. What a goldmine of incredible ideas! You've given me SO many! I'm looking forward to visiting often. So nice to "meet" you and your precious family via your blog.

Tracy = )

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

-Lisa said...

I absolutely love your creativity of using the garage!!! I saw the pic of all the tables running across the concrete floor and thought how much fun it must have been to be at that table!!!
Thanks for sharing.


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