Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Quick, Easy Dessert

If you tend to procrastinate somewhat, like me, you may find yourself remembering that you need to take a dessert to a covered-dish type dinner, and you are left with a limited amount of time. I have been in this situation, and quite honestly,at times my mind goes blank. What to make, at this late hour? I want to share a dessert that I recently took to a dinner. I used my trusty old iron pan. Mixed up the chocolate chip cookie mix and put it into the greased bottom of my iron pan. I put the pan in the oven and followed the baking instructions on the bag. I did put the shelf in the middle of the oven and found it better to under bake than over bake the dough.

After removing from the oven, I let it cool. When cooled, I added vanilla ice cream scoops, added some vanilla ice cream "Dibs"(because I had them on hand),and chocolate syrup.

To complete my last minute dessert, I added "Cool Whip", and colored sprinkles. The dessert can be stored in the freezer until ready to serve. Remove 10 minutes before serving. It was a hit with the guests, so I will make it again sometime.

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