Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just In Case You Cannot Find Us.... brother-in-law and his real good buddy. Notice the morsel of food on his nose, to be eaten only at his master's command, to eat. Mountains, streams, quiet, lots of horses, no television, phones or radios, just the beauty of nature in the Western Rockies. No, we are not moving, but yes, the lure of a less hectic pace of living is appealing.


SeaWorthy said...

I can tell this will be a blog I will be visiting often!

Im glad we have met-
coastal nest

CowboyBen said...

Thanks for honoring us with a spot on your blog. I am certainly impressed with your grasp of technological things like this. Hope to see you guys soon - we have availability for you guys anytime. Tell your husband/my brother that his horse is saddled and ready to go (have tissues ready - it will probably make him cry).
Your loving brother-in-law,


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