Monday, November 17, 2008

Mirrors And Candles For The Holidays

This past weekend I put away my ghord pumpkin and corn candy votives, which left me with an empty kitchen island counter. I know that I may be rushing the seasons, but I look at it, as one more thing to check off my list of things to do. I decided to use my same mirrored tray, and used some of the crystal candle holders that I have collected over the years. I use these for many different occasions. The long burning taper candles I had purchased after Christmas last year, at a "Tuesday Morning" store. I added some green Christmas balls tied on with ribbon. I will only light the candles on special occasions, although I know these candles are slow burning.I like the look of crystal and mirrors. It adds sparkle to my kitchen island, and the mirror reflects the lights of the chandelier.

This is another old mirror that was propped up on my living room shelf. I used some small glass goblets that I found this summer, at an outdoor flea market. I added some gold votives from last Christmas and sprinkled some clear crystals, from Michael's Craft Store, on the mirror. It will make a nice centerpiece for my dining room table. Once again, a simple yet elegant concept.

This mirrored centerpiece was created for a friend with a more contempory taste. It is a round mirror purchased from the "Dollar Tree". I used "Goop" to glue the mirror unto a crystal candle holder, to give it some height. I used glass votive holders and added color with some multi colored baubles. Easy, inexpensive and a fun way to dress up a counter top or a dining room table.

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Unknown said...

Wow--those turned out great! I love the first one with the christmas balls tied on them. Very nice idea.


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