Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Easy Cookies and Ideas For Wrapping

I wanted to share this interesting cookie recipe with all of you. It is so easy, so good and a way to let your creativity play a role in baking. I am sorry that this recipe did not photograph very well, but hopefully it is clear enough to read the few ingredients and directions needed. The first time I made these cookies, I remember thinking that they had forgotten some of the ingredients. After baking them, I realized that each step was there. The sage advice on the side of the page,( that is referred to), says, "the hardest part of this recipe is trying to decide what flavor cake mix to use-Lemon Supreme, Chocolate, White, or another one of your favorites." I also added mini peanut butter morsels to the chocolate cake mix that I used. I did want to mention, that I did not roll the dough into balls. Instead I just used a small (Pam sprayed) ice cream scoop and put scoops of dough on the cookie sheet and sprinkled each scoop with powdered sugar, before baking.
I found some fun, festive containers at the"Dollar General", that I will be using for small Christmas gifts. Actually, I found beautiful ribbon choices, a clear box of colored bells, and some colorful tissue paper...all at this store. The green and red disposable boxes came in sets of four. I am going to bake some of the cookies ahead of time, put them in the containers and freeze them. For me, working ahead is best, if at all possible.
Here are a few ideas, using ordinary brown paper bags, or colored plastic boxes from the dollar store, adding color and festivity to giving at Christmas. I buy supplies like this early in the season, and keep in a plastic box, to use as needed. I enjoy sharing at the holidays, especially reaching out to those who least expect it. The brown paper bags I use year round. With the top folded down, two holes punched in each side, a ribbon pulled through and tied, it can become a wrap for anything baked or not.
Before tying the bow, I added the bell and some boxwood from my garden. You can also slip a candy cane horizontally through the top two holes, or a silk flower in the summer. If you use it for your child to give to their teacher, you can slip a new pencil horizontally through the holes, tie a tag with your sentiments, hanging down from the pencil. All kinds of ways to dress up a package, to go along with all kinds of flavors to use for the cookies. Let your creativity go to work.


Shelley said...

Love the cookie recipe and that idea w/ the paperbags is so creative! You dressed them up so nice!
If you get a chance - come visit me:

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What an awesome idea.

The beautiful ribbon SURE adds such beauty to the brown paper bags.

I'll be using these ideas.



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