Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thoughtful Reminders That Say "I Care"

Years ago there was a poster hanging on the wall in my daughter's room. It said " the smallest deed is better than the grandest intention". At the time I remember thinking about that and realized that it held a truth that I did not want to forget. In our busy, sometimes stressful lives, how easy it is to think about someone and whatever they are facing, but not taking the few minutes of time to let them know that, we care. The small deed that we thought about doing just falls by the wayside. Below are a few very small ideas, that might relay to someone, that they do matter to us, and we are thinking about them, whether it is a birthday, a hospital visit, a bout with the flu, or whether it is only to say, "we are thinking about you". Personally, I can remember many of those special occasions where a little reminder, in some way or the other, was given to me. I can confirm the fact that "good things do come in small packages". So unexpected, so out of the ordinary and yet, so meaningful.
I would love to send those I know and love, bouquets of flowers with each hospital visit or each cancer treatment, or each bout with the flu, but since that is not always possible, this seems to convey the same sentiments. I save all of my empty "Tylenol", or vitamin containers, then fill them with flowers from my garden, or I purchase a few stems from the florist, then add a bow and a homemade card. It costs less than some cards and does relay a heartfelt message.
I like to give gifts that I would like to receive. This is one of them. A cylinder packet of powdered peach ice tea tied onto a bottle of water. Perfect thing to set on a co-worker's desk the day of their birthday. An afternoon glass of iced sweet! Truly though, it is the thought that counts, not the nature of the gift. I gave this combo to my husband last week, at work. He enjoyed his afternoon tea, but more importantly he loved the "I care" reminder, from me.Chocolate cookies and milk...what could be better? You can purchase small boxes of milk at the grocery store. If you are pressed for time, you can even buy some delicious, tiny, chocolate chip cookies at the store. Add a cellophane bag, a ribbon and a small note. Tiny gift...big "I care" reminder. An afternoon snack from you. Actually, the simplest and most thoughtful gifts are always straight from the heart, and can make the difference between an ordinary day and an extra-ordinary day.


Luzie said...

i was just wondering what the appropriate gift would be for the pitiful soul that is covered head to toe in HIVES and then to top it off was blessed with not ONE but TWO giant honkin', freakin' cold sores smack dab in the middle of their upper lip? Oh! and did I mention they are also mere hours away from an always pleasant visit from "Aunt Flo", this is all purely hypothetical of course, I mean what poor sap would ever get all of those at once...pity the fool.
But I guess I can only imagine the enormity of the gift that one would receive IF one would have ALL of these ailments at would have to wonder..."would it/could it be worth it, if they were to receive a grand "get well" gift of sorts? Oh well, there goes my mind again..wondering off into the wilds. Nice blogs, of late, you have certainly gotten the knack of how to do this and do it well!
Love you,

Sharon said...

What great ideas! I'll try to remember them and use them myself sometime.


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