Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Evening's Majestic Sunset

After being out of town for a few days, I arrived home this evening only to be greeted by this magnificent sunset. It is so interesting to me, that I had the privilege of being able to photograph such beauty, especially in light of what I had just finished reading in a book that I had with me during my time away.
In the book it says, "If the moon were only 50,000 miles away from earth instead of 250,000, the tides might be so enormous that all continents would be submerged in water-even the mountains would be eroded.
The earth revolves in its own orbit around the sun, making the long elliptical circuit of about six hundred million miles each year-which means we are traveling through space at nineteen miles per second or about 68,000 miles per hour." "Consider the sun. Every square yard of the sun's surface is emitting a constant energy level of 130,000 horsepower(that is, approximately 450 eight-cylinder automobile engines) in flames that are being produced by an energy source much more powerful than coal.
The nine major planets in our solar system range in distance from the sun from 36 million to about 3,664 million miles, yet each moves around the sun in exact precision, with orbits ranging from 88 days for Mercury to 284 years for Pluto. Still, the sun is only on minor star among the 100 billion burning orbs that comprise our Milky Way galaxy. If you were to hold out a dime at arm's length while gazing at the night sky, the coin would block out 15 million stars from your view, if your eyes could see with that power. Creation discloses a power that baffles our minds and beggars our speech. Small wonder that David cries out what he does in Psalms 8." This is from the book "The Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning. Somehow, tomorrow's issues that need to be dealt with, seem so insignificant, thanks to God's beautiful reminder...a majestic sunset.

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