Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Small Hospital Gift

It is a little girl. Pink roses from my garden seemed to be the right thing. "Cinnamon tea rolls" with pink sugar on top was also my choice to be included in my first visit to see her. They have always been a favorite of my family. Simple, not time consuming and yet, sooooo delicious, my kind of baking.
On a sheet of parchment paper, I roll out the crescent dough to a rectangle, sealing all of the perforated edges. I then spread 1/2 of a 8 oz. container of Philadelphia Cream Swirls package in Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Spice over all of the rectangle of dough. I sprinkle my cinnamon/sugar over the top of the cream cheese. I crush my bag of honey roasted almond slices and sprinkle those on top of the cream cheese and cinnamon/sugar.
I start on the wide side , using the parchment paper and roll up the dough. When it is in one long roll, I make 1 inch slices with my sharp bread knife. I put each piece in a sprayed, small muffin tin and bake at 350 degrees for 15 mins. or until light brown on top.
I cool the pan for 5 minutes and then remove each roll onto a serving plate. I make a glaze with powdered sugar, a drop of vanilla and some lowfat milk(enough to be able to drizzle it over the rolls). This time I sprinkled some pink sugar over top of the rolls, just for fun. I know that my daughter will want to share these with her nurses. She had many nice things to say about them and how kind and helpful they were to her.

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Angela Stoltzfus said...

these look amazing! congratulations grandma!!


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