Friday, September 19, 2008

"Martha" Might be Disappointed

It was 8:30am and my guests were to arrive at 9:30am...what could I possibly serve with the hot coffee and tea? What could I serve that only took a few minutes to whip together but, looked liked it took more time. Oh, yes, it also had to taste good. Out came the packs of "Endenmann's Little Bites". The chocolate chip, blueberry and brownie mini muffins, that all came in one big box from Costco. A gift from a dear friend.
I gathered together some of my glass plates and a few lace doilies in an effort to dress up these little bites. Since most of my quests are females, I know they prefer just a little something sweet, with their coffee or tea.
To dress them up a bit more, I pulled out, an already started container of " Pillsbury " Whipped Cream Cheese Icing, from my refrigerator, and a jar of jumbo sugared daisy sprinkles, that I had purchased one time at Ollies. I took a small ziplocked bag and filled it with the remaining cream cheese icing, cut a tiny piece off of the corner of the bag and proceeded to put a small dollop on each tiny muffin. Then I took some of the pastel colored daisies and put one on top of each muffin. This entire process only took a few minutes, but I think the finished product looked so nice.
Quick, easy, inexpensive and yet, way to have guests in for coffee and tea. What a fun way to introduce some of our family to our new little granddaughter. Don't you think "Martha" might be disappointed in my "oh, so simple approach"? If you are ever in a time crunch, give this idea, a try.

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Anonymous said...

I found your post while searching for lace doilies. What a great touch to use the frosting and sprinkes. It really made those tiny muffins look pretty. I hope all your guests enjoyed the time together.
Sandi from Sandi's T's


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