Monday, June 16, 2014


We spent the last few days with my family and my extended family, enjoying
time together and catching up with each other's lives.  There were times in the water,
picnics on the grass, swinging at the playgrounds, and cups of coffee

Which included fresh, sweet plate...what could be better!!!

Hugs are such a special part of being a grandma.

Older cousins helped the younger ones.

Distance keeps us apart much of the year, and makes our times together even more special.

I can't tell you how much I treasured every minute, that I could hold this little guy.
I had not seen our youngest grandson since he was 1 week old.  And yes, this
is how I was told that he prefers to drink his bottle:)

The face painters were there, and when asked what he wanted painted
on his handsome little face, the answer was immediate..."a red bear".
No idea as to why this request was made, but a happy red bear walked over
the grounds the rest of the afternoon.
We celebrated Father's Day together.......a special dinner with our three daughters and their husbands.  For us, this was a rare occasion.  Truly, it has been years since all three daughters
were together on Father's Day.  Their dad felt so honored by it all.

In a fast changing world, moments become more valuable.  This is what resonates from
my heart today.  Don't you find yourself more thankful than ever for simple blessings
in daily life?  I sure do!

I look forward to catching up with your blog posts in the next few days, after our home
once again becomes an empty nest.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What a beautiful family and I am sooo happy you all were able to be together. Special times for sure! And, the watermelon picture is just too cute!!!! And, the Red Bear. Looks like a memory making time to me! I share in your joy!

Debbie said...

Looks soo wonderful! Your daughters are so beautiful! But then they look like their mother. Soo happy for you that you could all be together.

Judy said...

Most have your whole family together for Father's Day! Great pic's of some of those special moments. A beautiful family!

Happy@Home said...

How wonderful that your family could be together for Father's Day. I can imagine how thrilled you must have been to see your youngest grandson again.
I think the watermelon in the grass photo should be a calendar page. It just seems to epitomize the best of summer.
I agree with all of the commenters today... your family is beautiful!!

debi said...

Beautiful :-)

Happy for you having them all together...


Anneliese said...

So happy for you to have all of your girls home for father's day.
You have a beautiful family! Such a cute photo of the little guy looking at you as you as he drinks his bottle.

Kathleen said...

Yes! Simple delights captivate me more-and-more; and none so much a spending time with loved ones (especially the wee ones). Such adorable babies!

Anne Delisle (Famille Gerdel) said...

What a nice lovely family... you are so cute.

Bonne journée!



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